Mehandipur Balaji temple. Rajasthan where ''Exorcism'' is widely practiced!!

India being a land of varied cultures, traditions and religious practices on which there are no restrictions, rarely at some places we run into mystic way of worship that is based on Tantrik philosophy. One such place is the Mehandipur Balaji Temple in Rajasthan where exorcism is widely practiced as part of prayer. 

Exorcism  which is also practiced in western countries  is the religious or spiritual ritual  of expelling shaitans, jinns or any other devilish  entities from a  person, or place that is believed to be  possessed.  Among the Vedas in Hinduism the Atharvana Veda is said to focus on  secrets related to practice of magic and medicine. there are elaborate rituals to get rid of spells, etc. These beliefs are very much there in Indian states like  West Bengal, Odisha and southern states like Kerala, particularly much strong in the latter. In Tamil Nadu also such beliefs are common in the rural areas. 

Mehandipur Balaji temple  located on a hill   has three deities - Lord Hanuman (also known as Balaji), Pret Raj and Bhairav.  devotees in large numer make a bee line to this temple to pray and be blessed by the gods enshrined in the sanctum.  Lots of folks come here with abiding faith to be relieved of  any mental illness or  related  ailments. 

It is said the the idols in the sanctum  are consecrated  in a special  way that they have unusual  mystic  powers all around this place to  evict  evil forces from humans. These deities are supposedly the  saviors of  those  devotees who suffer from pangs of pain as a result of  a spell  cast by enemies or are possessed by demonic  spirits (Sankatwalas). Arji, Sawamani, and Darkhast.  are the methods by which evil spirits are driven out.

Mehandipur Balaji temple. Rajasthan

When visiting any Hindu  temple you will be  enthralled by the temple music or tolling of temple bells or chanting of mantras, creating a positive environment that will be conducive to peace of mind, free from mundane stuff. 

Mehandipur, Rajasthan.
But here at this mandir the ambiance is one of spine-chilling and frightening.  When the air inside the temple is thick  with  loud screams or  tantrums  of possessed men and women, you may feel uncomfortable affected by a small streak  of gloom. Such a strange environment that too in a place of worship may  smack of one's logic and reasoning.  Visitors to this temple,  a center of exorcism, say after the trip to the temple they were haunted by the screams and yelling  of the devotees. 

The main deity is Lord Hanuman, who blesses you with peace and blissful life . No prasad is offered. Devotees  carry Black Balls (around their body) sold outside  and go around the temple 5 times before  throwing them in the ritual Fire.  Once it is done, your problem will be taken care of by the God. 

The following conditions may baffle you, if you plan to visit this strange temple.  

01. Eating on the temple premises is  prohibited. People are no allowed to carry any prasad - offering, water or food item from here; 

02. There is a strict ban to take prasad or any other item out side, so you must empty all food packets and bottles, etc., before leaving.    .  

03. Bear  in mind that devotees must not turn back while leaving the place; if breached, they  might face nasty problems.

04. you are advised to empty  food pakages, water bottles and prasad before leaving the village.    

Lots of people after their visit to the temple say that they are cured of black magic. here, the driving force is trust in god.