Only ''Garuda temple '' in Kerala at Triprangode, Mallapuram district!

 Garuda Temple,

Garuda Temple, Triprangode, kerala

That there is no Vaishnavite temple in India that doesn't have an image or a shrine for Garuda, the mount of Maha Vishnu is true. Regardless of the fact that he is an integral part of Vaishnavism and that  you seldom ever run into a temple exclusively dedicated to no temple functions take place without him, it is indeed,  strange demigod  Garuda.   Also goes by the name of  Suprana or Pakshiraja,  he is Nityasuri- the rare distinction of being  eternally liberated attendant of God Vishnu. Holding a quite exalted status to be ever at the service of the lord and his consorts, to honor him  annually Garuda Panchami is celebrated and it  falls on the 5th day  of Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the moon) in Shravan month.


To the Hindus, Garuda, the eternal vahana of god Vishnu,  is an embodiment of valor and power brimming with confidence to face any difficult situation. Besides, he is the sworn enemy of the snakes. Naturally, he is adored and worshipped by the people. On the  Garuda Panchami day women hold pujas and pray for good health and  welfare of their children. 

After my through search I have found two places where there is temple dedicated to Garda, one in Kerala and the other being in Karnataka.  . 

The only one Garuda Temple in Kerala it is  in  Triprangode on Chamravattom Road  near Thirur of  Malappuram district. The temple is known as Vellamassery Garudan Kavu Temple. Close to this one lies a Mahavishnu temple  where the deity is in Koorma avatar. It is said it is the only Garuda temple in India in his flying form in this country.  A Kerala temple ritual known as Mutta Vazhipadu was observed in the temple to find solution to all kinds of Sarpa Dosham

This Garuda Temple, a place of great antiquity with hoary heritage seems to be about 1800 years old. Devotees come here in large number for worship. The main deity Garda Azhwar is well known to offer relief to many diseases, hence  devotees come here in the hope of get relieved from various ailments with the blessings of Garuda. It is said people seek blessing from  the deity to  be cured from serpent poison. 

 At this temples  all  Sundays are  essential for prayer and puja and  the 41 day Mandalakalam (From November 16th to December 28th)
 gets due importance. Vrischika mandala time is celebrated as the Garuda festival. After 41 days of mandala puja, two days are set aside for Vishnu celebrations.  Poojas are held, it is mentioned, as per Vaishnava Samprathaya.  

During festival time anushtana vadyas (Chenda, panchavadyam etc.) are played as per tradition. An interesting fact is no elephants are used during Garuda celebration and it may not be true of 
Vishnu celebrations and  there are  no such restrictions. At Triprangode's  only Garuda temple both Garuda Panchami and Naga Panchami - are observed 

Legend has it that responding to the request of a sage who did long penance, God Vishnu advised him as to how to get rid of his sins and pangs of pain from which humans can not escape, redemption of soul is a must. Takin g a cue from Lord's useful advice, Garuda settled on the bank of  what is now known as  temple pond -Thertham of Garuda Kavu. The place where god Vishnu gave darshan became a holy, sanctified place. later a local ruler of this place had a temple built. The place gained much popularity and spiritual significance  after the visit of one of the disciples of  Sree Adi Sankaracharya - Sree Padapadachrya. 

Yet another legend has it that it was made by famous sculptor 
Perum thachan  and the idol of Garuda  turned alive, flew  away and sat near the pond. B Vettathu Nadu King  had a temple built in the place where Garuda sat facing west. The place later came to be known as  'Vellamaserry Garudan Kavu Temple".  

Garuda Temple, Triprangode, kerala

Garuda Temple at Triprangode on Chamravattom Road is the only Garuda temple in Kerala and one among a few across India. During the annual Mandala puja,  pilgrims from other parts of India en route to  Sri Ayyappan temple, Sabarimala, never fail to  stop at this temple and pray to demigod Garuda. They also visit the near-by Vishnu temple that houses a rare shrine - sannidhi where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in his koorma (tortoise) avatar.  The temple was completely destroyed by Tipu Sultan. The shrine was later renovated. The temple is under  Uzhanma Devaswom.

Actually the name ''Garuda temple'' is a misnomer, because the presiding deity is Sri Vishnu here. However,  upa Devata Garuda  gets first priority.  The temple is about 8 km from Tirur Railway Station and about  5 km from Thirunavaya. The temple is also known as Garudan Kavu.