Diwali festival - what benefits do we get? - a brief note

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Almost all Indian festivals across the land are intertwined with the Hindu mythology and they come out with a moral lesson or more. The episodes related to  the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Sri Krishna and goddess Lakshmi are closely connected with Diwali and have moral connotation 

01. Among some legends, the most prominent one is that of god Krishna  who killed demon Narakasura to free the Gopikas from his clutches. The young women used to play with Sri Krishna (Vishnu) when he was a kid, 02.  In the north Indian states Diwali is celebrated for a different reason. It is a joyous occasion because it marks the return of god  Rama (an avatar of Sri Vishnu) with his consort Sita and brother Lakshmana on completion of their long exile - 14 long years. During that period Sita was abducted by demon  king of Lanka  Ravana who held her hostage. In the ensuing battle in Lanka,  Rama emerged  victorious after killing Ravana and was back in Ayodhya to ascend the throne. 

In the western states Diwali marks the victory of saint Vamana, (yet another  incarnation of Vishnu) over demon king Bali who imprisoned  goddess Lakshmi, the consort of the god Vishnu.  After sending him to pathal lok (nether world) Sri Vishnu freed Lakshmi from the prison.  On the day of Diwali  Lakshmi  puja particularly, by the business community is common, 04.  According to the epic Mahabharata in the royal family feud between Kauravas and Pandavas, the latter returned to their capital Asthinapura after their 12 years of exile. The people of that town lighted up thousands of earthen lamps as  part of welcome celebrations.

Diwali is  celebrated across India for reasons other than myology. 

 01.The coronation of  the Hindu king Vikramaditya took place on the day of  Diwali, 02. The Sikh communities  celebrate Diwali for two good reasons - on that day the Sixth Sikh Guru Sri Hargobind was freed from captivity during the Mogul period under Jahangir; the other reason is on this day the foundation stone for the Golden Temple in Amritsar  was laid in 1577, 03 .Jain communities of both northern and southern Indian states celebrate Diwali because  it was on the day of Diwali Lord Mahaveera attained Nirvana or eternal bliss

From the various mythological episodes  we learn the following:

The life is not a bed of roses and day in and day out we have to face all kinds of problems in the family and in the office.

Develop patience;  perseverance is a guiding principle, Our mind ought to be kept like a placid lagoon.

Discretion, proper judgement and ability to weigh pros and cons are essential when you pursue your cherished goals.

In pursuit of your goals you may run into road blocks. No matter what your problems are, never deviate from the path of dharma- the path of righteousness. 

The demonic evil forces in you may retard your progress for which we need spiritual awakening. The dark forces and ignorance will go away when you  are committed and be steadfast.

Lighting the oil lamp is  part of our worship and it is a way to express our gratitude to god. The burning light - fire is an important element on the earth and it represents purity, implying things that get in contact with it get purified.  When bogged down by stagnation, lethargy, lack of motivation, we have to light up our mind, negate the negative things and get going. There is no triumph without struggle; the spiritual aspect of lighting the lamp is with the oil of dedication, and wick of  knowledge and self control we can get rid of all the negative forces in us including ignorance in the glow of bright light.