Gandhi Jayanthi 2022, secret sale of liquor and tipplers !!

"Mahatma Gandhi relentlessly campaigned against alcohol and the evil of drinking, and the calendar will inspire the people to stay away from alcoholism," the statement quoted Si

Can you believe it,  Mahatma Gandhi is projected as the face of an anti-liquor drive of Chhattisgarh Beverages Corporation, a government-controlled organization.  We all know that Mahatma Gandhi relentlessly campaigned against alcohol and the evil of drinking till his death. responding to his clarion call to prohibit alcohol consumption, that will make families miserable, 
 the directive principles of the Constitution proclaim that the State shall endeavor to prohibit the use of intoxicating drinks and drugs that are injurious to health except for medicinal purposes.

In January 2013  Chhattisgarh Beverages Corporation became India's first government body in the liquor business to have boldly launched an anti-liquor campaign as a part of its social responsibility. Naturally Gandhiji became the unofficial brand ambassador of the drive initiated by the corporation. To prove their commitment  the govt. agency went ahead and closed about 343 shops in places with population less than 2000.  

Going wet:  Many states in India are wet now as it is a major source of revenue for the government. No  liquor is to be served  on the Gandhi Jayanthi day which is a dry day in   states like Tamil Nadu. Though the govt. is strict about the regulations, there are  a few liquor shops in many places where, because of tipplers' nuisance, they sell liquor.

 ''If there is a will there is a way'', as the dictum goes. the liquor shops know how to tackle habitual drunks. A few of them  in many towns, secretly sell liquor through a specially built small window one can hardly notice. Drunks can easily identify them as they are regular customers. If you stick out your hand with extra bucks, there you go. The required bottle will land on your shivering hand. The mark-up  on one bottle is more than 50% for the shop owner. This goes on, it is said, without the knowledge of the senior officials and the government.  Because of free flow of liquor, the society is plagued by all kinds of social evils which the police may find it tough to handle.
Above image: ''Tipplers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but police harassment. That would be a befitting beginning for the manifesto of the All Kerala Supporters of Alcohol Consumption. The association was set up to safeguard the precarious rights of alcohol enthusiasts from the police, who, as one of the members claim, “treat us like terrorists”. In case you’re astounded, remember that the Marx-fearing citizens of Kerala consume the most alcohol amongst all states in India despite some of the highest taxes. The state police, however, are not amused. “Let them make it official first. It is funny how many and what all types of associations are coming up these days.” The masses need another opium,''
Cop and the tippler, India

Gandhiji considers it  criminal to spend the income from the sale of intoxicants on the education of the nation’s children or other public services. The government must overcome the temptation of using such revenue for nation-building purposes. ---- (Harijan. 21 September 1947).