K R Hospital and Cheluvamba Hospital buildings of Mysuru are to be renovated - they are legacy of Mysore rulers,

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K R Hospital, Mysuru 

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Across India many states have taken up the heritage structures, particularly those that are in ruins  for repair and restoration so that the legacy will be passed on to the next generation. The Karnataka state government is among the Indian states giving priority to such old  structures as it has the largest number of monuments next to UP.

The government has taken up the renovation of heritage buildings that house K R Hospital (main building came up in 1918 and OP Ward was built in 1927) and Cheluvamba Hospital (attached to the MMCRI - Mysore Medical College and Research Institute). The latter was established in 1889 by Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar. It offers services to obstetrics, gynecology and pediatric patients, and has specialized units providing neonatal care. Both hospitals owe their origin to the munificence of the Mysore royal family.  K.R. Hospital was in the forefront during the COVID-19pademic threats..

What is surprising is the conservation engineers made a decision to undertake the renovation work using   the Government Ayurveda College building of Mysuru that was restored in the recent past.   The renovation of heritage buildings housing the K R Hospital and Cheluvamba Hospital, attached to Mysore Medical College and Research Institute (MMCRI), is likely to be modelled on the restoration of the Government Ayurveda College building, which is one of the heritage structures in Mysuru. This heritage structure was conserved  without altering the original design of the building- meaning without disturbing its heritage values. 

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Above image:  Ayurvedha college, Mysuru:  Built by then ruler Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar the college started working at Maharaja’s Sanskrit Pathashala in 1908and later shifted to the present site.   The building has a glorious history. The institution was started in 1908 at Maharaja’s Sanskrit Pathashala.  The country’s oldest academic institute teaching Ayurvedic medicine, it was renovated recently at the cost of Rs.1,5 crore by the state along with National Ayush Mission......   

As for the restoration of K R Hospital, Mysuru  and Cheluvamba Hospital buildings the MMCRI  officials of the college said  keeping in mind heritage norms and historical value of them the restoration work would  strictly follow the guide line of the experts  and particular care would be taken  to retain the original architecture. They also impressed on the conservation engineers to renovate the buildings using  the Ayurveda college building of Mysuru as a model.    

in order to maintain authenticity and traditional construction work norms, the contractors sourced the materials-lime and mortar  from  Jharkhand.  The government allocated  Rs.89 crore for the renovation of both building. The renovation work on both   K.R. Hospital and Chaluvamba hospital, Mysuru may continue beyond 2023, according the govt. sources. A detailed project report seems to have been prepared for execution and the speed of the project depends on the timely release of funds from the state government.