Rockfort Thayumanaswamy Temple, Tiruchi - ''Karthigai Maha deepam'' was lit yesterday (6th Dec.)

trichy rockfort, maha Deepam, tamilnadu

Above image: Trichy city, Uchi pillayar temple and the maha deepam tower (about 30 m tall) bear the shrine. This hill is made of the oldest rocks on earth- about 3 to 4 billion years old belonging to Archaean group- mostly consisting of granite and gneissic rocks. ..

trichy rockfort Karthigai  Maha Deepam

Above image:  Karthigai Maha deepam’ lit atop Rockfort Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple at Trichy on Tuesday-6th december. .............................

Karthigai deepam festival is annually held on a grand scale at Arunachaleswar temple of Thiruvannamalai where the Maha Deepam is lit on the Annamalaiyar hill at 6 pm on the final day(10). No doubt, Thiruvannamalai is the main venue of this most important festival that is associated with Lord Shiva and his son lord Subramanya.  God Shiva appeared here as  a huge column of fire, stretching from the earth to the heaven, suggesting God is fathomless, no end and no beginning and  is omnipresent.

In the last decade or so the main event of this festival - lighting of Maha Deepam is observed with equal religious fervor across the state in places like Thayumana Swamy (god Shiva) temple on  the Tiruchirapalli rock fort, on the hill of Thiruparamkundram (near Madurai)  close to Subramanya swamy temple, Pazhamudirsolai (dedicated to god Subramanya0 near madurai, Palani hill (dedicated to  god Dhandayuthapani), Swamimalai (dedicated to Subramanya) near the temple town of Kumbakonam and other places. The latterfour temples are among the six famous abodes of God Subramanya (Murugha/Karthikaya).  A large gathering of devotees in thousands appeared at the venue on the rock fort after scaling 415 steps uphill.

Shiva -pillar of light

On the auspicious  occasion of Karthigai Deepam at Rockfort Sri Thayumanaswamy temple here  Maha deepam was lit  on the 6th -yesterday at 6 pm atop a tower installed close to Uchi Pillaiyar shrine.

For this purpose a huge copper  Koppiurai (cauldron) was set atop the tower earlier along with huge cotton wick.  As it has been customary prior to maha deepam event, deeparadhana was performed bt the Shivacharyas  for utsava murthis of Sri Sevvanthi Vinayagar, Sri Thayumanaswamy and Goddess Mattuvar Kuzhalammai. 

old image. karthigai deepam wick Tiruchi rockfort.

Above image:  Temple employees carrying  huge cotton wicks uphill for the massive oil lamp to be lit atop the Rockfort Thayumanaswamy Temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva); Dec.02, 2017. Afte maha deepam there will be procession of deities in the rock fort area. 

What is special about the maha Deepam is the huge copper vessel contains  a blend of 700 litres of iluppai’ oil (Mahua), gingelly oil and ghee and  a cotton  wick made from 300 metres of cotton cloth to light the holy lamp. The temple employees make the preparations at least  one week before the event. A large gathering of  devotees  attended this annual event with devotion. The huge flame that burns for 3 consecutive days  is visible all round the city creating a positive ambiance and relegating negative forces to the rear.