Nilambag Palace, Bhavnagar of Gujarat, a legacy of Bhavnagar Royal family

 Nilambag Palace Bhavnagar,

The the palaces that are converted into heritage hotels showcases glorious and opulent past of the Maharajahs  and offers the visitors a slice of their royal and elegant life they led worthy of their status. For the descendents of Maharajahs such hotels serve dual purposes.: They maintain the heritage aspect of their long held palatial residences that need periodic maintenance and they can supplement their income from the heritage hotels.    

The city of Bhavnagar is Located in the  busy area of  Bhavnagar city, Gujarat  is the beautiful Nilambag Palace Hotel set on a sprawling  lush greenery of 10 acres . In 1879 the Maharajah Saheb Takhatsinhji of Bhavnagar commissioned the palace.  British architect Sir William Emerson  ( December 1843 - December 1924) who successfully completed many projects in India was entrusted with design work. He was the one who designed Liverpool Cathedral. here William carefully combined indian design features with European architecture. The palace remained the royal residence of  the  erstwhile royal family of Bhavnagar family for a long time. 

interior Nilambag Palace Bhavnagar, GJ

 Nilambag Palace Bhavnagar, GJ

After Independence the kingdom joined the Indian Union under  Maharajah Krishna Kumar Singhji  who was the first Indian ruler to hand over his kingdom as requested by Sardar Patel. In 1984 the palace  became a heritage hotel and a symbol of Indian royalty and opulence in this part.  It is close to the imposing Khakhi stoned structure. Belonging to the ruling Gohil dynasty of Bhavnagar, the Nilambag Palace Hotel is the legacy of that family who had been associated with the development of this region for centuries.