90-carat Briolette of India diamond necklace - exciting auction in Dubai this year

90-carat Briolette of India diamond necklace   rabnews.com

In the last few decades when there is an auction on famous jewelry pieces  or artifacts conducted by auction houses like Sotheby's  or Christi's or others in New York and  London, you will see all the rich and famous people descending on the auction venue to buy jewelry or artifacts particularly from India for some reasons. They look for in the case of gems, quality, purity and luster and intricate  workmanship or craftsmanship in the case of old artifacts. ,  

The world famous auction house  Christie's  to enthral the rich people of  West Asia  by choosing   Dubai as its auction venue of  classic 90-carat Briolette of India diamond necklace.  The center of attraction is the historical and rich jewelry piece which is believed be to have once been owned by Richard the Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine of France  is part of the the $150 million collection. Eleanor, Queen Consort of King Louis VII of France in the 12 century;  Cartier bought it in the early 20th century. It is the highest grade of diamond, the D-coloured type IIa with less than 2% impurity, indeed an exceptional one.  The gem  is mounted in various ways over the centuries, the long, peardrop shape is a complex double rose cut, giving its name, the Briolette. The briolette is believed to be a descendant of the double rose cut, which features one elongated side that gives it a drop shape

The auction date: 3rd  to 15th of May this year  and it is called the World of Heidi Horton collection.  Ahead of the sale, the Christie's branch in the Dubai International Financial Centre put the jewelry pieces  on display alongside 700 others for three days from April 28, a sort of publicity bonanza to entice the rich in this part of world. 

The collection belonged to the late Viennese philanthropist Heidi Horton and she also owned some of the world’s most precious diamonds, coloured gemstones and jadeite.  The auction,  is called The World of Heidi Horton collection. The famous diamond was  bought by Austrian billionaire collector Heidi Horten, who passed away in 2022. The prediction is this sale will surpass the previous records sales of the 2011 Elizabeth Taylor Collection that raised $115 million and the $109 million Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence sale in 2019. Ms. Elizabeth Taylor was a popular Hollywood actress and acted in many successful films.

Proceeds of the auction it is mentioned, will go to The Heidi Horton Foundation, which supports the museum of modern and contemporary art that carries her name in Austria, as well as to medical research and other philanthropic activities.