Kala-Makara - the Logo of the University of Indonesia!!

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 Kala - Makara  is the symbol of University of Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the word. The country is proud that it has strong cultural roots in India, though their religion is Islam.  Already, the Indonesian government is using the image of lord Ganesha, a Hindu God in their currency notes(bills) and their airlines is named after Garuda!   

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According to the Indonesian culture  in the logo of  Kala-Makara , a symbol of  two natural energy  sources,  Kala represents  the energy from above (the power of the sun), while Makara represents the energy from below earth  (implying the University of Indonesia). 

 Water flowing from the head of Kala Makara  over the Earth is symbolic of source of knowledge. The university symbol represents the fusion of two natural energy resources  emphasizing  the importance of gaining knowledge from the available source; here, the source being the  educational institution. The logo of the indonesian university has been around since it was created in 1952 by Sumaxtono (a.k.a. Sumartono), a  former  student in 1951. 

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The subtle interpretation  of the logo is as follows: 

The Logo symbolizes a Beringin Tree (Banyan Tree)  with water fountain and the Head of Kala Makara  (Mythological Creature in Indonesia) surrounded by a Pentagon.  

The symbol has the following meanings : A representation of nation's culture,  the shell of wisdom accepts the flowing water from the head of Kala Makara - the  institution dedicated to  happiness and prosperity of Indonesia and for all mankind,  The Beringin Tree with Eight Branch and seventeen leaves  represents 17-8, Indonesia's Independence Day.  Beringin Tree  (Banyan Tree) is chosen,  for its longevity and  the protection it gives to lots of living things on the branches and under its shadows.

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Even today across the state of Tamil Nadu, India  in the interior villages young  married women with no baby asked to  go round the banyan tree near her home under which  you will find a small shrine dedicated to God ganesha. The belief has been that over a short period she will conceive a baby. Apart from divinity associated banyan tree,peole under huge trees get fresh clean air free from particulates.

Kala is the power of the sun and makara the power of the earth. "The two forces  (the tree with its branches and makara) were combined and Sumaxtono incorporated  into a makara  represents  a source of knowledge  and its propagations  in all directions. 

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As for buds or sapling they will  continue to bloom as long as science lives on.  The branches of science will  keep growing  according to the needs and progress of the times, according to  Sumaxtono  who came up with the makara logo.