Karthigai Deepam festival at Palani Dhandayuthapani Temple 2023 - old tradition still continues

 Normally, all the Arupadai veedu - 6 abodes of god Muruga will experience  massive footfall particularly, in Palani and Thiruparankundram temples. The local administration with HR & CE have made special arrangements for security and crowd control for the benefits of devotees. The Police have made elaborate security arrangements At all these temples the rituals include  car procession, yagna, and special pooja. The Deepam day marks the birth of god Muruga who was created by God Shiva to kill demon king  Soorapadman.

At Palani Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani swamy Temple, 3rd among the 6 abodes of god Muruga, Karthigai Deepam  is  held every year in a grand manner. This year Nov, 26 (Sunday)  being  Karthigai Deepam day, arrangements have been made before hand  at the hill temple as a vast crowd of devotees will be attending the festivities.  The  beginning of the festival was marked by customary temple flag hoisting and Kappu kattuthal ritual involving main idols  After performing special pujas, the holy thread or ‘kaapu’ is tied to Dwara Balakargal at the hill temple and Lord Chinna kumarasamy is  taken out on a procession in a golden chariot. Th highlight of this festival here is the Uchava deities would be taken out  on the temple premises in a procession on a golden chariot on all days of the festival

Palani Murugan temple, TN. devotionalyatra.com

At the Palani temple Karthigai Deepam  is  a seven  day festival unlike Tiruvannamalai temple where it is a 10 day grand festival. For 6 days in the evening regular pujas  and rituals will include:  at 5.30 Sayaraksha puja, followed by  Shanmuga archanai at 6 pm and  Shanmuga Deepa archanai  at 6.30 pm.  Yagasala Deeparadhana at 7 pm followed by  golden chariot therottam on the temple premises with god Chinna kumar at  7.30 pm. All these events take place before thousands of devotees. 

On the 6th day in the evening  from the yagasala Bharani deepam will be taken to the sanctum (garbhagriha)  to be lit there. Thirukarthigai day being on the 7th day,  temple will be open at 4 am in the early morning  and there will be  Vishwaroopa Darshan and special pujas. After customary puja rituals like Shanmuga archanai, sayaratchai puja, etc  around 4. 45 pm god Muruga and his consort will be taken in a golden chariot.

 Once the major rituals and pujas are over,  on the hill temple in all four cardinal directions Deepam will be lit. After 6 pm Chokkapanai  will be lit on a special stand erected on the outer prakaram. Likewise at Avinankudi and Periyanayagi Amman temples  lighting of karthigai deepam and Chokkapani will be held with reverence.