The massive "Fateh Rahbar" bronze cannon, a Mogul legacy in desolate state, Golconda fort, India

Golconda fort, India  Fateh Rahbar.cannon

Above image:  Massive bronze cannon by name Fateh Rahbar The total length of the cannon is 486 cm. The diameter of the muzzle is 70 cm, bore 26 cm;he total weight of the cannon is 16.59 tons.......

Fateh Rahbar cannon, Golconda fort.

Fateh Rahbar cannon, Golconda fort.

Fateh Rahbar cannon, Golconda fort.

Above image:  The famous bronze Fateh Rahbar cannon on Petla Burj, Golconda fort   Hyderabad (Telangana)  A swivel connected the trunnions and rested on the iron pivot. The pivot can also be seen. Metal pivot is fixed on the floor with which the cannon can be moved sideways to aim the targets.  The trunnions are the protrusions from the side of the barrel that rest on the carriage, a cylindrical protrusion used as a mounting or pivoting point.The provide stable axis of rotation and oscillation..............

famous bronze cannon Golconda fort

The  massive famous bronze cannon on Petla Burj (locals call it attara siddi -18 steps), Golconda fort, Telangana  bears testimony to the advanced of metallurgy and  bronze cannon manufacturing methods in the Mogul period that needed special skills. Metal analysis reveals that a large amount of lead (9-12 wt. %) was used with copper, etc to facilitate  casting  of bronze cannon. Hence, this kind of alloy would prevent rusting even exposed to the weather for a long period of time. 

This massive cannon is one of the attractions in the fort and ASI, being the custodian of this  heritage fort, is unable to manage it well fo reasons of poor grants of funds and inadequate staff . This cannon, and others that were used during wars  to fire heavy projectiles  are part of  this old city's  protected  heritage and need better protection from vandalism, etc.  They have military,  historical and metallurgical significance of bygone era. That the bronze cannon, in particular, has been in a prolonged state of neglect is a sad story. The central or state government must chip in and release funds to the ASI or state heritage department to save them from further damages. 

.  Golconda fort, Hyderabad

cannon Fateh Rahbar,  Golconda fort,

Above image: The heritage cannon Fateh Rahbar was  found next to an abandoned car with trashes strewn over it in Aliabad close to a fortified wall built by former rulers. According to a local resident, Ruksana Begum, a resident of Aliabad, "While some of them  around the historic monuments are crying for immediate attention, others are rotting in bushes or near garbage dumps and some others are buried beneath the ground."...........................

Though accessibility to the the site where the ca

cannon Fateh Rahbar,  Golconda fort,

nnon is installed is difficult because of damaged steps and growth of vegetation, the visitors to the site have contempt for such old items and do not care to know their historical or heritage value. On the  16.59 tons cannon some visitors scribble their names, etc on the outer layer of the gun with sharp objects causing permanent damages. On many cannons including this one  there are marks of vandalism. The outer metal layer on th gun is  chipped off for its valuable metal,

People are not just vandalising the cannon by write their names on it, but they are also chipping off the metal from the outer part'' according to media reports. because of unstoppable vandalism, on many of the cannons the Persian inscriptions were are  either vague or defaced by irresponsible visitors. The under-staffed ASI officials are helpless.