A.Y.S..Parisutha Nadar, Ex MLA -Thanjavur Medical college, Raja Serfoji College, and Union Club stand as a legacy of him

In the 1950 students of Thanjavur had to go to Trichy or elsewhere for higher college education so there was a need for a College  of  Arts and Science in Thanjavur. In order to meet the demands of the local people,  in 1955 Raja Serfoji college, a private institution in honor of the late Maratha king Raja Serfoji II was founded by a group of elite people of Thanjavur and much of the contribution was made by  Sri A.Y.S. Parisutha Nadar, ex. MLA and founder member of Thanjavur Rotary Club,  late K.V. Srinivasan,  Sr. Advocate  and Rotary district governor, Dr. Appu kutti Nair and others. 

Sri AYS Parisutha Nadar former MLA,en.wikipedia.org

Above image: A.Y.A. Parisutha Nadar- He was elected thrice from the Thanjavur constituency, in 1946, 1957 and 1967 on Congress ticket. to the State Assembly. According to The Hindu Nov.10,2010), he donated about 89 acres of land,(now worth more than Rs.200 million) for the construction of the TMC- the Thanjavur Medical College...................

Union Club bldg. Thanjavur upload.wikimedia.org

Above image: Sri Parisutha Nadar was an active member of the union club of Thanjavur that is housed in a colonial building across the Old bus stand.  On 1st November 1941 the foundation stone for the Union Club was laid by Sir C.P. Ramaswamy Aiyar a legal luminary and Dewan of Travancore state. The simple ceremony took place in the   in the presence of  none other than A.Y.A Parisutha Nadar (Congress man and Ex MLA) and the club was meant to serve the people of Tanjore.  There is a stone  inscription  on the wall in this regard. ....................................

Both late Sri Parisutha Nadar and  senior advocate KVS on invitation by the US Rotary Club,  travelled  to the USA in the late 1950s and gathered funds through the rotary clubs there. On their return to Thanjavur on behalf of Thanjavur Rotary Club, they bought a vast track of lands which used to be Munthiri kaadu (Cashew Nut fields). The Rotarians of Thanjavur led by Parisutha nadar and advocate KVS were instrumental in starting an Art and Science College for boys and girls on the Old Pudukottai Road. The college was on a vast track of  land donated by  the Thanjavur Rotary club, In the early 1960s a beautiful Auditorium was opened. In a ceremony held there later (it is still green in my mind) one mr. Abbey, a  prominent  American Rotarian  and his wife visited the college and also the newly opened auditorium.  

Auditorium (early 1960s), Raja Serfoji  college,Thanjavur

Raja Serfoji college, Thanjavur. en.wikipedia 

The present New Bus Stand area  had been known as  known as Rotary Town in the 1960s and 1970s. and after the DMK govt. took over the college and the grounds the name Rotary Town did not survive for political reasons. The big name board on the side near the Serfoji college  is gone so and the area goes by different name. . Its first Principal was One Cap. Murugaiyan, professor of Physics and  a stickler for discipline and the Correspondent of the college was advocate KVS. 


Thanjavur Medical college:   

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Outside Madras (Chennai) city, only Madurai medical college was catering to the people in South Tamil Nadu. Thanjavur medical college, the second one after Madurai  Medical College came up in the early 1960s, its foundation ceremony, held in 1958 on the RM Hospital  premises; was presided over by the then Indian president Sri Rajendra Prasad. Sri AYS Parisutha Nadar,  was the chairman of the Thanjavur municipality.  

When  the college and hospital work was on till 1964  classes were held in Madurai Medical college. Likewise, for the first and second year students classes were held temporarily under big closely tied hatched pandals specifically put up on the palace grounds part of which  was used by  popular V.H.S School as a playground.The huge pandals were close to the common passage between VHS school ground and St. Peter's School play ground.  I myself saw those huge pandals on several occasions there  when I used to play  Cricket matches against other schools and clubs for VHS school

The present Medical  college is on a vast land 228 acres of land on the Vallam road part of the  lands owned by Serfoji college was allotted to the medical college. Congress MLA Parisutha Nadar being charitable as he was in 1956 , personally donated 89 acres for the medical campus. Indeed he was a person with a big heart.  

 But for the  state Industries minister R. Venkataraman,  Kamaraj Nadar and  most importantly Shri Parisutha Nadar, the Medical college in Thanjavur would have gone to some other city.  The golden jubilee celebrations of this renowned institute was held from November 13 to 16. On 10  Nov. 2010, TMC complete 50 years and not only served the people of Thanjavur district, but also other districts Under PM Modiji's special grants, additional facilities have been made  to keep abreast of the latest medical technology. 

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