Sher Gate or ''Neil's Gate'' of Lucknow city, where ''Allahabad butcher'' Gen. George Neil was shot dead!!

sher gate or  Neil's  gate, Lucknow,

Above image; Sher gate of Neil's gate, Lucknow where Gen. Neil of ESI was shot dead- 26th Sept. 1857.( Photo credit: Darogha Abbas Ali)..................

sher Darwaza, Lucknow, UP

Sher darwaza or Neil gate, close to the Telegraphic office within the  Residency complex that forms the second gate  after the main entrance behind the old palace of Chattar Manzil / the Kaiserbagh palace,  is a historical site in Lucknow city, UP.  During the first war of independence in 1857-58 against the EIC's repressive rule was the scene of intensive battle between the English and the rebel soldiers who went on a rampage as they already crossed the limit of tolerance against the dishonest English officials. The reattacked the city to free the siege from the rebels. The British army was led by Commander Brig. James George Neil of Madras army -‘Madras Fusiliers’, a European unit,  who was on special duty to put down the revolt as it had gained an upper hand. Major Neil was attacking with full force backed by reinforcement army. .  

Commander Neil already got a bad name and was responsible for many mass killing between June and September, 1857 in violation of higher army command's orders  On September 25. 1857, it was a fateful day for Major heil who ran out of luck in succession. When he was passing in front of  Sher Gate  records mention that the valiant but revengeful and remorseless  Neil was shot dead by a rioter who had been waiting for his arrival to put an end to his atrocities against the natives. He fell dead as he was shot in his head in the close range. Sher gate, as it was known then, was later known as Neil gate as this butcher of Allahabad met his death here. The edit of god is such that  man who taught violence and vigilante justice at last fell to violence. During the heyday of the Nawabi rulers, Neil’s gate was primarily used by the women to enter the Zenana (exclusive women's area) in the palace complex. At the spot where General Neill fell dead stands a small monument with his name." (aged 47)
 Buried at  Lucknow - Residency Cemetery, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Date of death: Sept. 25, 1857.