Glenburn Fine Tea estate, a Scottish company Darjeeling- now is run by an Indian family for more than 100 years

Glenburn tea Estate.

Established in 1859 by a Scottish company in the early colonial rule to cater to the demand of quality tea in Britain,  the Glenburn Fine Tea close to Darjeeling  was taken over by a Kolkata based business Family Prakash and family.  Glenburn Fine Tea estate (elevation 3200 ft) is a family run business  consisting of  roughly 1600 acres with bungalows, etc. Only 390 acres are under tea cultivation and is popular for green Darjeeling tea and the company uses bio fertilizer. It is atop the hill  overlooking River Rungeet, Located in a scenic place between two rivers Rungeet and Rung Dung, The riverside  lodging facilities are  surrounded by wooded areas all within the estate complex. 

Glenburn tea estate, Darjeeling, WB.

Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling.

One bungalow is called Burra Bungalow; it is a colonial one with fine wide verandah and tall  slanting ceiling made of Burma teak. The chimney and old fire places are additional attractions highlighting the old colonial style  and the other one is  Water Lily Bungalow built  by the company in 2008 to meet additional demands. Both are connected by a common passage through a fine stairway. Both bungalows offer  a stunning view of the wonders of nature - an interplay of varying topography. Since 1860 four generations have been running the family business with care and dedication.  The company makes quality tea to satisfy its customers and to reenergize their energy, maintaining the old goodness flavor. According to the company's brochure  'the quality of  tea is so good you savor every cup, one sip at a time'.

Tea producing areas in India.

The  renovated bungalow  (repaired in 2002)  offers a fine vista of  greenish undulating valleys, rolling greenish slopes  and mountains in Sikkim and Kanchenjunga peak (third tallest Himalayan peak). The bungalow  maintains the old world charm by lighting the old type lanterns with kerosene offering a new experience which our forefathers were familiar with.  The renovation work made no compromise on its heritage values. The company offers lodging services to people who escape from the  urban madness and polluted air caused by over vehicular traffic.  A retreat in a quiet place to relax and be at peace with your self. The tea company offers choice food and conduct tours within the estate complex.  Visitors stay in a mixed ambiance modern and early colonial, of course free from monotonous and mundane life.