Politicians and Hell!!



lines before the hell gates.Reader's Digest

Overcrowding in the Afterlife: In the last twenty years, the exponential growth of the global population has mirrored an increase in the number of souls entering the afterlife. Hell, infamous for its fiery chambers and eternal damnation, now faces severe overcrowding. This is largely attributed to the rampant corruption and exploitation among individuals associated with religious institutions, particularly in India. These so-called holy men and women, entrusted with guiding the faithful, have instead indulged in acts of theft, sacrilege, and moral corruption, thus filling Hell’s chambers at an alarming rate

Equal Opportunity Damnation: Hell’s administrative system, though daunting, is commendably egalitarian. It ensures that sinners from all religious backgrounds are judged and punished equally, with no bias towards any particular faith. The infernal bureaucracy has thus expanded to accommodate the increasing number of lines leading to various punishment chambers, each designed to address specific transgressions committed by the damned souls during their earthly lives.

Hellish Punishment: The New Politician Punishment Camp
A recent revelation from an Indian priest to a Baptist minister has shed light on a new punitive initiative in Hell. Father Brian, a seasoned overseer of Hell’s torment facilities, has been tasked with managing a newly established punishment camp. This camp is uniquely tailored for politicians, specifically those who have persistently deceived religious leaders and voters to secure positions of power.

The Deceit Extraction Chamber: This special inferno chamber employs a sophisticated method of punishment designed to extract deceit from these politicians. The torture is not continuous but intermittent, strategically administered to keep the sinners in a perpetual state of dread and anticipation. The psychological torment, combined with physical agony, ensures that the deceit ingrained in their souls is painfully and meticulously purged.