Funny quotes anf humor - 17

The beggar and the slave:

paradoxical rich guy!!

A  galley slave trying hard for fresh air?

"A poor man in tattered clothes with a panhandle,
enjoying freedom, fresh air  and free speech is like 
a free bird. He is far better placed than the unfortunate
slaves (or workers in a lousy company) with shackles 
on their legs in the galley of a ship ".
pay-rise for the pals in the galley?
IT Company squeezing the workers, lots of sweats,vno breaks.
Rich woman:
Rich woman.
Rich ladies and their pets.
"An ordinary man with a careful wife, having 
common sense and  right discretion enjoys his life 
better than a rich man wallowing in money with a 
disobedient wife, to whom, mascara, eyelashes,
Jacuzzi  bath, social clubs are more important than 
anything else, including her children and her 
husband's  dignity  and  public image".

a lucky guy with a balanced woman.
Poor and the rich:
during crisis, the poor man is more affected...www.pinterest.com50
" Fear does not differentiate the rich and the poor.
At night the fear of too much money haunts the haves, 
where as the fear of too little money haunts 
the have-nots".

dubious deal.
Family feuds:

endless verbal exchanges!!
"Breezes and winds always keep the trees busy, so 
are the squabbles between incompatible couple 
that keep the family life busy and edgy".
argument galore...