Strikingly beautiful Moti Masjid, Bhopal

Moti masjid, Bhopal.
India has innumerable beautiful Mosques built by the Muslim rulers centuries ago. Such structures of artistic beauty built in Indo - Persian style are remnants of once glorious Islamic rule in the Indian subcontinent and the fusion of local and Islamic tradition in the construction of buildings and monuments.

The Moti Masjid, located in the bazaar part  of  Bhopal city, famous for many lakes, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is also known as the Pearl Mosque. Moti Masjid was built in 1860 by Sikandar Jehan Begum, the renowned daughter of Qudisiya Begum. The history of the mosque is associated with her illustrious rule during which time numerous   impressive  buildings of architectural excellence and roads were built under her direction. The beautiful building resembles the Jama Masjid of Delhi in its architectural style, but relatively small in size.

It is one of the largest mosques in India, a huge pink structure with two colossal white-domed minarets and three bulbous domes, a distinctive local landmark visible for miles around the  Capital city.
The brick red color and a white - marble facade  enhance the  pristine beauty of this 19th century Masjid that stands majestically in this part of the city.  People visiting Bhopal can not miss this dazzling monument that dominates the landscape. The Masjid is adorned with  two golden spiked  cupolas at top and  two dark - red  minarets standing independently on either sides. The main prayer hall is built  with lustrous  pure white marble stones that shine like  pearl. Hence, the mosque got its name as the Pearl Mosque.The prayer  call for the  followers of Islam is given from the top of the minarets as in other Masjids. The minarets of Bhopal Moti Masjid are considered as the 'gate from heaven and earth'.

Moti Masjid, Bhopal.
Sikandar Jehan Begum, the builder of this Masjid  was a maverick,  a liberated, independent  woman of wisdom and skill. Never in her life had she failed to accept new ideas and implement them.In a way she was a crusader and believed in perfection.

Moti Masjid is  accessed  from any part of the city by buses, auto and taxis.  The city is well linked to major cities Delhi, Mumbai, Gwalior, Jhansi and Ujjain by train.  Shaukat Mahal, Van Vihar National Park, Lower Lake and Birla Museum are among other attractions located near the Moti Masjid.