Colonial heritage building Delhi GPO

Colonial heritage building. /Delhi GPO.
Above Image: New heritage postage stamp issued on 13 May 2010 by the Postal department of Govt. of India. This heritage building in Delhi is owned by the Indian government. Built in 1885.

The Delhi General Post Office came up during the  British Raj after the Indian subcontinent came under the direct control of the British Government Administration in London. The postal services in Delhi and the surrounding places have been  around us since the postal building was constructed in 1885 as part of the colonial rulers to improve the overland postal communication facilities as they had to deal with a vast land, covering many regions and terrains. 

Located near the Kashmiri Gate, now an important part of New Delhi, it was  built in the colonial style of architecture.  The historic building  has  a high ceiling  to reduce radiation with ventilators for natural light and fresh air-circulation inside the building to suite the tropical climatic and weather conditions. The amazing features are are high arched doors made of superior quality Burma teak wood that withstood the test of time. Right  behind the office is  a structure pre-dating the main building. This particular structure is in good shape and is still intact. “Lakhoti” bricks used in the structure suggests that, this structure must have been made prior to 1857. According to Chief Post Master General, major restoration was done not only to preserve the old heritage structure but also to impart a uniform look and ambiance as part of the  launch of new services in association with other organisations like banks and financial institutions. The main features include access into the building for the physically disabled. Under the Project  Arrow, the DOP was ventured into new schemes to improve the standard of the existing services. Various innovative scheme were in the offing.