Your name has nothing to do with being successful in business

A disgusted and  disappointed merchant, who had been in business for the past one and a half years, found it  tough to keep his business going. He did work hard and had good public relations but,  in spite of it, he could not find any solution to scale up his business. On second thought, he decided  not to close the business and sought the advice of  his close buddies about his sluggish business and how to make it profitable. His friends advised him not to call it quits and suggested that he change his name - John Poor. They opinionated that if he changed that weird name, dame luck would smile on him and he would succeed in his enterprise.  

Upon hearing his friend's suggestion to change his name, though he, initially, had hesitation, he thought it would be nice to consult a Hindu Saint who was not a clairvoyant. The saint /Guru happened to be a wise man and a philosopher. He met the Indian Guru and told him what had transpired between him and his friends and asked him whether he could change his name so that his business would see some profits.  

 Upon hearing the businessman's grievance with respect to company's  poor finances, the saint was a bit taken aback. Nonplussed and disconcerted, the saint thought it for a while and told him, " Your problem is a strange one. In the first three days, go around the town, meet people from different walks of lives and find out their names. Do not miss the rich and the famous.


The businessman did not lose time and began to meet people in public places. He first met a panhandler and asked his name. He said, "My name is Jim Rich, I may be poor, but daily my money bag is full and God has been nice to me.  He now approached a college professor and asked his name. He said. ''My baptized name is William Shepard, but at home my better-half calls me dummy and turkey". Following day, while in a different area of the town, the businessman approached a man with a peg-leg and asked him, " Could you please tell me your name and your job?" The man replied, " My name is Good Speed and I own a few department stores here in this area. I approach my business problems slowly, but surely. The business man could not contain his surprise.

This time he met a rich man in a social club and asked his name and job. The rich man said, " My name is Andrew savage and I am a whole sale agent  in fruits and flowers." I try to sell things that appeal to the heart of  the people. Finally, he approached a weird-looking woman - almost like sea-hag and asked her what her name was. Came the reply. " My name is Cleopatra and I am a tarot card reader. Fortune-telling makes my face glow with happiness." The business man was about to swoon upon hearing her name.

A few days later, the businessman went back to the Indian philosopher and Guru. On seeing him,  Guruji, sarcastically asked him, "What did you learn after meeting different people?". Business man replied,   "Guruji, now I realise how foolish I was to have thought about changing the name given to me by my parents. Now, I realize  a person's success depends on  his  hard work, sales pitch and patience and it has nothing to do  with his  name. To improve my business, I need more patience, good consumer care and trust. I realize my folly and here on I'll run the business on a positive note".
Gurugi said., " Meet my assistant who happens to be blind. His name is Nalla Kannu (in my native tongue Tamil, it means good eyes!! Anyway, I wish you good luck".