Jehangir Mahal, Orchha - an architectural grandeur

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The Jehangir Mahal dating back to the 17th century A.D was built  by the then ruler of the region Vir Singh Deo as a symbol of warm  friendship and honor when the Mogul  Emperor Jahangir, was on an official visit to the city.  The structure has a beautiful artistic and traditional  entrance gateway whose front part is  covered with turquoise tiles on the wall. Nicely carved stone elephants  guard the stairway.The wide gateway could allow the war elephants to pass through with ease and the elevation of the palace is such that it  could give a good range for the cannons to reach the target.

Jehangir Mahal, Orchha. Maps of India
Jehangir Mahal is a three storied building with  impressive  hanging balconies, porches, and apartments. Jehangir Mahal is marked by  nice-looking onion- shaped  domes just like other palace buildings in  Orchha.  These domes  normally cover the central courtyard of the palace.  Considered as the most admired palace in Orchha,  it  was built to  commemorate the visit of emperor Jehangir, the palace was designed to reflect the blend of  Indo-Islamic architecture, as revealed by the onion shaped domes, ornate  chhatris,  trellis, etc. 

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The friendship between Maharaja Vir Singh and the Mogul king Jehangir (earlier name Salim) goes a long way before either of them became the head of their respective  states. Salim, son of  Emperior Akbar, in his youthful days had spent much of his time dallying with young girls. His long affair with Anarkali very much angered Akbar and in the Mogul court, the relationship between the father and the son was not good  and Salim acted against the wish of his father. Abul Fazl, a close advisor of Akbar asked him to forfeit Salim’s heir-ship to the Mughal throne. Furious Salim revolted against this and, finally Akbar sent Abul Fazl to put down the rebellion. To meet Salim’s army in the battle, Fazl had to cross  Badoni on the way that was under the control of Vir Singh to reach Agra. Vir Singh wanted to help his friend Salim (later to be known as  Jehangir) in the most difficult time. His army attacked Fazl's army and defeated him; besides, he chopped of Fazl's head and presented it as a trophy to  Salim. In 1602 after Akbar's death, Jehangir became the Mogul ruler.  As an act of good gesture Jehangir attended the coronation of Vir Singh in 1606 and  bestowed the whole of Bundkekand to him. When Jehangir visited Orchha, Jahangir Mahal  was built by Vir Singh to receive  his illustrious friend with honor and esteem.

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 The palace today bears testimony to the lasting friendship and  deep respect between the two erstwhile rulers of the 17th century. It is located at a distance of 18 km from Jhansi city in the state of Madhya Pradesh  and goes by the other names of Orchha palace and Jehangir-e-Mahal Orchha.