Winston Churchill, former PM of UK - a racist and his disgusting crime against Indians and humanity

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Winston Churchill, may be  an inspirational statesman, writer, orator and leader but  that he was the major  western leader who  had led Britain to victory in the Second World War, as boasted  by the British and other media  is nothing but travesty of truth.  The accolades that Churchill contributed to his might to the survival of mankind after the bloody war and his purported victories in many continents were  built on a weak foundation of personal values and self aggrandizement . The consensus that he was inspirational and  served as a bacon and stimulus  to others shows the extent of absurdity prevailing in the English society  about a sworn racist and india baiter; it nothing but a myth bordering on the figment of imagination.

WWII rocket attack on London credit:

But for the timely US intervention in the WWII in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack, Hawaii by the Japanese airforce and German army's debacle in the height of winter season in Russia, the war  won't have gone in favor of England headed by conservative hot headed Wiston as the PM of England. If things went topsy turvy at the war fronts toward the end of WWII, the bulldog tenacity of this perverted man  would have torn to pieces. 

Thanks to the mighty US military that chipped in at the right time to take on Japan and the evil alliances. Winston served as   Conservative Prime Minister twice - from 1940 to 1945 (before being defeated in the 1945 general election by the Labour leader Clement Attlee) and from 1951 to 1955. Atlee's leadership was a blessings in disguise and India's freedom from the English yoke became imminent. When Hitler's Germany bombarded London with his powerful rockets, Winston was crying hoarse and moaning. His sermon on the mount was quite well-known when London was being under  attack and pounded by German V2 rockets.  The British treasury that was filled with bloodied Indian money to the brim started disappearing fast  because of  high cost of war campaigns. England met the cost of both wars from the  Indian revenue looted by the colonial power with blessings from the British Royal family.
27 March 1945 Ruined flats and lighthouse, London,

London flattened by V2 rockets,

Despite his aristocratic arrogance, perversion and racial superiority, no doubt Winston Churchill, a gifted writer  was a master of the English language and wrote 43 books that filled 72 volumes. He was bestowed the great honor of winning The Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. Being  a good orator, he is remembered most for his great speeches and is delivery was legendary, deliberate and effective.

German V2 attack on London

In a nationwide BBC poll in the recent past , attracting more than a million voters, Winston Churchill was voted the greatest Briton of all time, ahead of Diana, Darwin, Shakespeare, Newton, Elizabeth I, and Cromwell. Before 1940 that judgement ''would have astounded Britons''.

Gideon Polya in  an article in MWC News entitled “Media lying over Churchill’s crimes never minced words.  British-Indian Holocaust” 1943  was man made, but orchestrated by Churchill. In the article  15 major crimes are sighted in which Churchill was complicit.
India baiter and hard-core racist Winston Churchill.

Indian will never forget the wholesale holocaust created by Churchill and his cronies.  When WW2  was on, as PM of England, despite request from the conscientious British officials in Delhi, in 1943 (Great Bengal famine of 1943) Churchill deliberately starved 6-7 million Indians to death  when Bengal was reeling under unpreceded famine.  He had the Australian ships laden with food grains at Calcutta harbor  move over to Europe to improve the buffer grain stock in case of war in Europe.  He opposed to any food shipments which were desperately needed for the landings in Italy.......Besides, Churchill felt it would do no good. Famine or no famine, Indians will ‘breed like rabbits.’'' Secretary for India Amery prevailed on him to send some relief, albeit only a quarter what was needed   (confessed by Churchill in a letter to Roosevelt)''.

The idea that Churchill was in any way ‘responsible’ or ‘caused’ the Bengal famine is of course absurd. The real cause was the fall of Burma to the Japanese, which cut off India's main supply of rice imports when domestic sources fell short, which they did in Eastern Bengal after a devastating cyclone in mid-October 1942”.

''Colin Mason says of the Bengal Famine in his “A Short History of Asia” (Macmillan, London, 2000, p178): “The famine, little publicized at the time because of war-time censorship, and, inexplicably, still ignored by many modern histories of India and most standard reference works …''

Driven by greed not to let India go off the grip of England because revenue from India was  vast and main source of income for the  starving empire, never had Churchill  cherished the idea of mending the fissures of distrust developed between two communities - Muslim and Hindu.  Being cunning and self-centered, Churchill  found an opportunity in the mistrust between the two communities and saw to it both the communities  were holding each other's throat as long as they could.  To him  reconciliation between the communities was an anathema and if they are united at stake will be India's future. No doubt, Winston looked at the animosity between Hindus and Muslims as an exploitable  weakness to safeguard and retain the British rule. 

The unplanned and misguided partition of India and creation Pakistan  under last viceroy lord Mountbatten, a poor administrator,  led to one of the worst man made  holocaust  in the wake and it led to the displacement of millions of families and death of a million caste-related ad sectarian violence in 1947. A blot on the history of India instigated by the colonial power.

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Without any remorse,  the holocaust-complicit Anglo media, academics and political establishment  were in denial mode and never came to terms with the reality.  Churchill, a genocidal maniac was voted ‘Greatest Briton’ of all time, notwithstanding the fact that he had  made several speeches degrading the non-whites, in particular Indians.  Being a hardcore racist who strongly believed in the supremacy of the English race with royal blood,  he is known to have waged war on black people across Africa. He never spared his own people from the labor class .  He did not even spare the Irish whom he loathed and used various stratagems to terrorize them. 
To retaliate the Nazi German Army who killed countless innocent people in Hungary (?), he was serious about sending the British bombers to  completely wipe out a few German villages. Churchill is the enemy of all peace-loving humanity, a despicable creature who made a lip service to democratic principles.

Gideon Polya, in a well- written article on Churchill and his  crime against humanity cited the following unpalatable crimes with which he had close links when India was under the British yoke:

01.Churchill took an active role in the Anglo- Afghanistan war. he said that those who resisted would be killed  because the Pashtuns had to “recognise the superiority of race”; he also expressed his desire to deal with Pashtuns by way of burning the villages  and people's home.

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02. On the streets of Athens, Greece  in the month of December 1944. 28 protesters were shot dead, a further 128 injured in the wake of an unscrupulous massacre committed by the British Army under the direction of Churchill. This action was taken out of his hatred for the communists. Churchill wanted to restore Monarchy there in Greece and wanted to get rid of Communism. The same people  who were members of a couple of Liberation fronts who took to the street following the massacre, drove the Nazis out of Greece.

 03. In the British occupied Ireland between 1922-1945 Wickham was a commander of the colonial RUC, responsible for countless terror. Churchill purposely chose him and sent him to Greece to train the Greek police to act on the communists and others with unprecedented force.

04. British Indian Holocaust (1.8 billion excess deaths, 1757-1947; 10 million killed in post-1857 Indian Mutiny reprisals; 1 million starved, 1895-1897 Indian Famine; 6-9 million starved, 1899-1900 Indian Famine; 6-7 million starved under Churchill, Bengali Holocaust 1943-1945].

05. Sudan atrocities [horrendous British atrocities after the Battle of Omdurman 1898].

06. Boer (Afrikaner) Genocide [28,000 Afrikaners women and children died in British concentration camps, 1899-1902].

07. World War 1 promotion [World War I Allied military and civilian dead 5.7 million and 3.7 million, respectively; German-allied (Central Powers) military and civilian deaths 4.0 million and 5.2 million; troop movement-exacerbated Spanish Flu Epidemic killed 20-100 million people world wide. 1918-1922].

08. WW1 Dardanelles Campaign in Turkey [0.2 million Allied and Turkish soldiers killed, 1915; precipitated 1915-1923 Turkish Armenian Genocide, 1.5 million Armenians killed].

09. UK and US invasion of Russia 1917-1919 [millions died in the Russian Civil War and the subsequent Russian Famine; 7 million died in the circa 1930 Ukrainian Famine; and perhaps up to 20 million died overall in Stalinist atrocities].

10. British suppression of the Arab revolt in Iraq (invaded by Britain in 1914) [bombing of Kurds, poison gas use (1920s); violent UK involvement on and off , 1914-2009; 1990-2008 Iraqi excess deaths 4 million; under-5 infant deaths 1.8 million; refugees currently 6 million].

11. Support for British Occupation and opposition to Indian self-determination [1757-1947 excess deaths, 1.8 billion; 1895-1897 famine deaths 1 million; 1899-1900 Indian Famine, deaths6-9 million deaths.

12. World War 2 promotion [World War 2 military deaths 25 million and civilian deaths about 67 million].

13. Japan was enticed to enter into World War 2 in order to involve the US and hence ensure victory [35 million Chinese avoidable deaths, 1937-1945; 

14. Churchill knew Singapore was indefensible [8,000-15,000 killed, 130,000 captured in the 1941 Malaya campaign; 14,000 Australian, 16,000 British and 32,000 Indian troops surrendered in Singapore].

15. Churchill deliberately did not warn Americans about Pearl Harbor attack [Eastern Theatre WW2 deaths 45 million].

16. Despite right advice by the scientists Churchill  supported bombing of German cities instead of protecting Atlantic convoys [0.16 million allied airmen killed; 0.6 million German civilians killed; Battle of the Atlantic almost lost;

17. Churchill acknowledged the crucial importance of maintaining Hindu-Muslim antipathy to preserve British rule [1 million dead and 18 million Muslim and Hindu refugees associated with India-Pakistan Partition in 1947].

18. 1944 UK War Cabinet decision Partition of Palestine [in 1878, Jews were 5% of the Palestine population; in 1948 Jews were 1/3 of the population; there are now over 7 million Palestinian refugees; post-1967 Occupied Palestinian excess deaths 0.3 million, post-1967 under-5 infant deaths 0.2 million; excess deaths in countries partially or completely occupied by  Israel.

19. UK rejection of 1944 Brand plan to save Hungarian Jews [0.2-0.4 million killed by Nazis and Arrow Cross fascists out of 0.7 million; Zionists also opposed the Brand plan]

20. British, American, Zionist, Australian and European adoption of Churchill's holocaust commission and holocaust denying legacy, with post-war atrocities involving invasion, occupation, devastation and genocide [in relation to Occupiers (in parenthesis) 1950-2005 excess deaths in post-1945 occupied countries total 2 million (white Australia), 36 million (Belgium), 142 million (France), 24 million (Apartheid Israel), 0.7 million (Apartheid South Africa), 23 million (Portugal), 37 million (Russia), 9 million (Spain), 727 million (the UK) and 82 million (the US); 25 million Indigenous excess deaths in post-1950 US Asian Wars; 9-11 million excess deaths associated with 1990-2008 Bush Wars; post-invasion excess deaths in Occupied Iraq 2 million, refugees 6 million; post-invasion excess deaths in Occupied Afghanistan 4-6 million, refugees 4 million].

According to mathematician satirist Tom Lehrer’s song “The Elements”, “These are the only Churchill crimes currently known to Harvard/But there may be many others that haven’t been discovered”. The Review  by the British historians  was quite critical of Polya' s article particularly Prof. Martin Gilbert”  who asserted that Churchill was not responsible for the Bengal Famine and there was no proof.  The 1944 Document volume of the official biography [Hillsdale College Press] will resolve this issue finally.”

 Dr Sanjoy Bhattacharya , Wellcome Institute, University College London); (c) 1998 Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen blames the Ruler for a needless disaster; (d) and most importantly Churchill himself actually Confessed his inaction as follows in a now-released secret letter to Roosevelt in 1944 in stating “I am no longer justified in not asking for your help” (p158, “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History. Colonial rapacity, holocaust denial and the crisis in global sustainability”
Without any remorse or sympathy the holocaust-complicit Anglo media, biased historians  and racists British politicians were in denial mode,  never came to terms with the reality; nor did they atone for their past mistakes and wholesome atrocities in the colonies in the name of teaching them the nuances of Democracy!!

Churchill’s Crimes From Indian Holocaust To Palestinian Genocide

By Gideon Polya; 23 January, 2009,