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 Above image: Hindu and Sikh Indian servants  waiting upon their White British masters in British-ruled India.......
Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror among masses of people; or fear to achieve a financial, political, religious or ideological aim.  It is used in this regard primarily to refer to violence against peacetime targets or in war against non-combatants. The terms "terrorist" and "terrorism" originated during the French Revolution of the late 18th century but gained mainstream popularity during the U.S. presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981–89) after the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings and again after the 2001 September 11 attacks  and the 2002 Bali bombings ( 

So far as India is concerned there had been no instances of  terrorism of any kind or of any violent  act against Indian  rulers or their subjects from the Europeans prior to 15th century. The tranquil and quiet political scenario changed drastically when Portuguese navigator Vasco De Gama had landed in 1498 AD in the Kappad beach off Calicut (Kozhikode), Malabar coast, Kerala. Gama and subsequent explorers used violence and murder as a means to achieve their  goals. As for Portuguese Jesuits who followed the explorers, their main intention was to convert the natives to Christianity. Thus religious terrorism was first introduced in India, nay SE Asia by none other than Fr. Francis Xavier. Christ's disciple. His motto in Goa was not  ''Love and Compassion'' as preached by Christ, but it was: ''Violence and Torture''. During the British rule, when the Indians demanded freedom, they intimidated the Indians by using force, killing people in vast number.  Military officers Neill and Dyer believed in gun power to revenge the Indians who wanted to be free in their mother land.  Four years prior to India's independence, without remorse the man who was voted as the greatest man in Britain Sir Winston Churchill, instead of alleviating  people's suffering during the Bengal famine of 1943,  aggravated the famine conditions and was directly responsible for the death of 3 to 4 million people in Bengal. Here he applied racial terrorism in a subtle way to reduce the Indian population. Below you will find a brief account of  five notorious Colonial terrorists who carried out the orgy of violence and intimidation against Indian natives in their own style; the exception being Churchill who took advantage of Nature's disaster -famine  in Bengal to cull the Indian population who demanded freedom from the British. Mind you, Churchill is the most favorite and popular English man in England  and a Nobel laureate!!

Vasco de Gama (1498), Trade terrorist:

Coastal Kerala, SW India. Wikiwand

Gruesome explorer Vasco Da Gama, Times of India

Vasco Da Gama is no doubt a great explorer and the first European who discovered the direct sea route to India in 1498.  We know him as a great  navigator and explorer, unfortunately, there is another side to his personality  and there is no mention of his inhuman and barbaric treatment of  Indians on the coastal Malabar.  His abrasive and murderous aspect of his personality  casts a shadow on  his glittering  discovery. His subsequent voyages, in particular, the 4th Armada in 1502 were replete with stories of massacre, murder, mayhem, intimidation and torture of native Indians  who refused  to be cowed down by his pressure tactics to make a trade treaty with him. The Portuguese wanted to take over the Spice trade from the Arabs who had been traders for a pretty long time and had good relationship with the Hindu ruler.

Vasco da Gama indulged in some of the most heinous crimes in Malabar.''On October 1, 1502, he mercilessly ordered the killing of 700 innocent Malabar pilgrims. Half the pilgrims were women and children,' says Paris-based Historian J B P More. As for casualty, it is a controversial thing Thus,  Vasco Da Gama became the first ever European in world history  to have committed massacre of Indians near the SW Malabar coast. In his very first voyage, he insulted the local Hindu ruler's emissaries by horribly disfiguring them. In the subsequent voyages, they caused much destruction to the dwellings and other places near the harbor by bombarding the town with cannons. He and his men looted the Malabar area and took away valuable jewels, gemstones, etc, 

St. Francis Xavier & Goa-Inquisition (1500s),
Religious terrorist, par excellence:
Above  image:  Casket of Saint Francis Xavier, containing his mortal remains  in the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa, India. This casket, constructed by Goan silversmiths between 1636 and 1637; the four sides of the casket depicting different episodes from the life of the Saint....................

The credit goes to St. Francis Xavier who,  for the first time, introduced violence as a way to preach Christianity in India. He landed in  Goa, then capital of Portuguese India on 6 May 1542, thirteen months after leaving Lisbon.

Saint Francis Xavier,

He used torture, violence, intimidation and terror in Goa to  convert Indian natives to Christianity against their wish. Not knowing Indian history and the intellectual capacity of the Indians, he thought Indian were heretics and Pagans and worshiped  Devils and Demons in idol forms, and intellectually inferior.   He wanted them to follow western religion, western culture and shun vegetarianism and their native religion.

Inhuman treatment of Hindus. Goa Inquisition. Hoax Or Fact

No mercy was shown on the Pagans, non-Christians and native Christian who were not true to their faith. His had a grudge for the Brahmins and remarked that  "Hindus are an unholy race. They are liars and cheats to the very backbone. Their idols are black—as black as black can be— ugly and horrible to look at , smeared with oil and smell in a evil manner''.

'' Over that period of 252 years,  any man, woman, or child living in Goa could be arrested and tortured for simply whispering a prayer or keeping a small idol at home. Many Hindus -- and some former Jews, as well - languished in special Inquisitional prisons, some for four, five, or six years at a time''.........Richard Zimler's novel, Guardian of the Dawn, documents the little-known Portuguese Inquisition in India, in 16th century Goa.

Francis Xavier, presided over   one of the bloodiest chapters in Indian history in the 16th and 17th centuries. Even if Christ were alive to day, he won't accept Xavier as a saint. Several hundred people died, equally a large number of people were maimed and, severely injured in the name of religion. As the Inquisition records were destroyed, right figures are not available. Same Fr. Francis Xavier played a pivotal role in the Spanish Inquisition (was established in 1478 by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile  to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms and to replace the Medieval Inquisition under Papal control) in which countless Jews and others were systematically tortured  to become Christians. Fr. Xavier and others came up with new torture devices to terrorize the non-Christians. same devices were widely employed in Goa. Fr. Xavier was the one who had the King of Portugal issued 'Orders'  to implement Inquisition in Goa.

Brig. Gen. James Neill,
The 'Butcher of Allahabad'(1857):

(Revengeful  Army terrorist)

James George Smith Neill (1810 – 1857) a Scottish army officer

James Neil's statue over 10 feet tall.

Above image The 'Butcher of Allahabad' Photograph of the bronze statue of Brigadier General James Neill, in Madras (now Chennai). He stands 10 feet. It was acquired by King Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales.  It was erected  on arterial Mount Road in (then) Madras in 1860, but was  removed  in the 1960s after public protest. One man said, ''Who wanted a statue of a Scottish man who committed massacres against Indians on our own soil''.............

James George Smith Neill ( 1810 - 1857) was a Scottish military officer of the East India Company and during the1957 Indian rebellion he misused his military powers  and overstepped on the limit in handling the rebellious people, consequently  he became infamous and was tagged as the Butcher of Allahabad. His  infamous  and indiscriminate killing of native Indians during the uprising caused widespread outrage and invited condemnation across the country.Col James Neil of the ‘Madras Fusiliers’, a European unit,  was summoned from Madras to command the army to deal with the Mutiny that was gaining upper hand in Lucknow. Without any remorse, he came down heavily on the rebels, using  “ruthless and horrible” methods to put down  the mutineers. He ordered the  “entire villages to be burnt down and inhabitants hanged” as he marched towards Cawnpore (Kanpur) without any qualms about his murderous act. He massacred thousands of rebels during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. So, the present generation of Indian have no idea about this notorious British Army officer whose motto was ''Violence can be won by violence''.

 According to Mr. Kalathi, Educational Officer at the Madras Museum who angrily said, He (Neil) killed one lakh Indians just for uttering the word ‘Independence’, and how can we forget that?”. After innumerable protest and resolutions in the city corporation removed the statue of Neil from the public space in 1937. The earlier protests by the people,  as advised by Gandhiji on his visit to the city in Sept. 1927 were based on Satyagraha with no violence. Anyway, Neil's statue is a grim reminder of Sepoy mutiny that was fought both  by  Hindus and Muslims united in their struggle against the colonial power and how with callowness, some rude and murderous  English officials treated the natives right on their own soil.

Reginald Dyer; Butcher of Jallianwala Bagh, Punjab (1913)
Military terrorist

April 1913 killed 1000 plus indians. Gen. Reginald Dyer

Jallianwala Bagh blood bath. 13 April  1913

graphics courtesy : KBK

April 13, 1919 happened to be an important day in Indian history It was Baisakhi, a harvest festival popular in Punjab and parts of north India. Local residents in Amritsar held  a meeting that day to discuss and protest against the jailing  of  Satya Pal and Saifuddin Kitchlew, two leaders fighting for Independence, and implementation of the Rowlatt Act, that allowed  the British government with powers to detain any person without trial. The medly crowd included  men,  also pilgrims to the golden temple, women and children. They all gathered in a park known as  the Jallianwala Bagh, walled on all sides but for a few small gates, against the orders of the British command. The protest was a peaceful one.

When the meeting was in progress, Brigadier-General Reginald Edward Harry Dyer, who had stealthily appeared on the  scene  to teach a lesson to the people gathered in the bagh. Without any warning, he  ordered 90 soldiers who came with him to the venue to open fire on the crowd escaping through the only exit  gate. Many tried in vain to scale the walls to escape. Many jumped into the well located inside the park. Numerous people got killed or severely injured in the stampede.

While official death toll in the Jallainwalla Bagh massacre stood at 379, with 192 wounded, sources had suggested that more than 1,000 people had lost their lives, while 1,200 people were wounded.  A total of 1,650 rounds were fired by the soldiers in a span of 10 minutes on the unarmed crowd, which was not given any prior warning to disperse.  General Dyer was removed from command and exiled to Britain where he got a  a gift of 26,000 pounds. The British India government gagged the media and the people in England did not get the right details about the massacre. Initially the media misled the public by lying that the crowd at the bagh was rebellious and violent - a travesty of truth.

Winston Churchill caused Holocaust in Bengal 1943:
(Racial terrorist par excellence):
More routinely lionized in the English-speaking world than any other political head, Winston Churchill is a silent racial terrorist out side the west. Till his death, he carried the aura about him but, in reality he never liked the colored people. However he is a  staunch imperialist. His name serves as  metaphor for boldness and leadership but many of his remarks are spurious and made-up. 
Churchill was very particular about keeping Britain's most important colonial possession - India.  He never wanted to let India go from British' hold and was against India's  independence movement. No other British leader had so much abomination for India's  spiritual leader, Mahatma Gandhi than  Churchill. He tagged Gandhiji  as "half-naked" and a "seditious fakir (holy man). During the 1943 famine in Bengal, some 3 million Indians perished because of negligence on the part of a single man - Churchill; he never showed an iota of mercy toward people in millions starving to painful death. They became emaciated like dangling skeletons/ zambies before death. While British officials in India begged Churchill to send food grains to Bengal, he not only  bluntly refused but ordered the Australian ship laden with grains to move from Calcutta on to Europe to add to the buffer stock. He peevishly wrote in his reply to the officials,  ''Has Gandhi not died yet?''  About the countess death of Indians in Bengal, Churchill was both indifferent to the Indian plight and even mocked the millions suffering, chuckling over the 'culling of a population that bred like rabbits'.


Churchill ordered Bengal's food production to be completely  sent to Britain during the war though the European countries had enough food grains stored.  Consequently Churchill had deliberately starved the Bengalies to die in pain and mental agony.  This is the reason Bengal famine artificially created by Churchill is dubbed as "India's Forgotten Holocaust" --the death toll rose to 4 million  in a span of one year during WWII.

Leopold Amery, Churchill's own Secretary of State for India vented his frustration in his private diaries, writing "on the subject of India, Winston is not quite sane" and that he didn't "see much difference between [Churchill's] outlook and Hitler's." Mind you, Churchill was one of the few  conservative politicians who drove the wedge to create sectarian fissures within India's independence movement between Indian Hindus and Muslims, which  ultimately led to the brutal partition of India  in 1947 that saw millions die, injured and displaced. India was a victim of "divide and rule policy" - a legacy of British Machiavellianism.