Historic Christ Church, Kasauli, oldest Anglican church in this region!!

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Kasauli hill station was first established as a summer retreat by the British army men and others for their families  in 1842  to beat the summer heat and scorching sun on the plains. Later it became a cantonment and more Europeans moved in as the weather was pleasant and congenial. It is at a height of 5960 feet and is the birth place of  Mr. Ruskin Bond. In 1904, Pasteur Institute of India was established, now it is called the Central Research Institute working in immunological research. 
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In  Kasauli, there are nice English styled  buildings  reminiscent of theold  English country side. As the European population grew, church services became a necessity and consequently some churches and schools came up here on a spur amidst serene and placid environs.  Christ Church and the Chapel of Lawrence School, Sanawar were built when the town had begun to develop.
Close to the town bus stand, the Christ Church  is a historic 159 year old  structure in this part standing in the midst of a grove of chestnut and fir trees. Built in the shape of a cross, the  early pioneers - mostly the British families took serious steps to have this church built. The foundation stone was laid in 1840s At the time about 30 families belonging to Protestant sect took the responsibility of running the church. In this town, it is an important landmark. In the church graveyard there are tombstones dating back to 1850s. 

Christ church, Kasauli.tripadvisor.com
Dedicated to St. Francis and St. Barnabas, this church was earlier managed by  the Church of England  and then it was known as Anglican Church. It was in the year 1970, the CNI (Churches of North India) took over the administration of this historic church. Presently the diocese of Amritsar is managing the church. For a pretty long time, this church catered to the spiritual needs of the European community and the army staying here. 
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The present structure of the church designed in the emblematic Gothic style architecture  is in the midst of pleasant environmentAn eye catching 150 year old clock is mounted on top of the church with an antique dial. Made by WH Bailey and Company Salford, Manchester, the clock has started ticking again after a long restoration process. The church has a clock tower with a sundial in the front which shows the latitude and longitude fixed on a stone structure, for measuring time in those days, is still present at the church entry. Holy services of the church were started on 24 July, 1853, by Chaplain Thomas John Edward Steel, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. However, the church was revered as a holy place by Authority of the Bishop of Calcutta in 1857.  Designed by Rev William John Parker in 1850, it was completed a year later.

Tourists and visitors to this hill station never fail to visit this old Christian place of worship. It is set on the Upper Mall, Kasauli  and the location  and view of the surrounding areas is just breath-taking.  The Protestant Christ Church, better known as the Anglican Church or The Church of England located on the Upper Mall, Kasauli is a treat for the art lovers and tourists. It is the oldest church in this part of the state.  The church is still characteristic of fine interiors and stained glass paintings above the  altar depicting St. Joseph and Virgin Mary on either side of Jesus Christ. yet another attraction is  another pair of stained glass paintings in the church - one is of Saint Barnabus and the other one of Saint Francis. Saint Francis stands swearing a gown with one hand gesturing towards God and the other towards the Earth. The stained glass windows light up brilliantly when sun rays pass through them.  The stained glasses were imported from Italy and Spain. In the interior place the lighting is good as the glazed windows allow sufficient light. There are linear perforations on the wall that provide ventilation. Inside the church the pillars are made of grey stones. The foundation is strong as this area is prone to minor tremors.  The foundation Stone of the Christ Church was made by Dr. Wilson, the Bishop of Calcutta toward the end of October 1844. He could not stay here for a long time owing to poor health. 
No doubt, the grey colored structure with Gothic elements and amazing stained glass windows in the church will take the visitors back to the colonial era.