Colonial Tamil Chruch in Kolkata St. Saviour's

St Saviours Tamil Church,Kolkata.
St Saviours Tamil
Have you ever heard of Tamil Church in the capital city of West Bengal? Yes, there is one in Kolkata (Calcutta) called St Saviour's Tamil Church. Almost 159 years old, it is the only Tamil Church in this  sprawling city. I have heard people say that if a visitor goes via  the busy street of Haji Md. Mahsin Square, he will be captivated by the beautiful historical church that was founded in 1860 to cater to the spiritual needs of  a small Tamil community living in this part in the early colonial time. However, this small sect could not worship in this church until 1938 because some Bengali group was using St. Saviours. 

The Tamil community began their worship here  only when the Bengali group had a separate place of worship built and moved out of this church. The Bengali Christian community started using the newly built St. George’s Church for worship. The Tamil Christians living in Kolkata,  bound together by their common faith, culture  and tradition formed  St. Saviour’s Tamil congregation. They took a decision  to have their own church to meet their spiritual and religious needs. They worshipped regularly in the Parish Hall by the side of the Church. 
St. Saviour's Tamil Church, Kolkata.
The re-roofing of the church building was done in the year 1961 and it was rededicated on 17th December by  the Most Rev. Dr. A. N. Mukherjee.  It was in 1968  first baptism was performed at St. Saviour’s by the Principal of Bishop’s College. One  Rev. Thomas Sitther became its first honorary Tamil priest. St. Saviour’s  conducts  two services every Sunday, one in Hindi and another in Tamil.  The Harvest Festival is celebrated on the first Sunday of November. An interesting feature is the church receives from its members   one-tenth of their monthly income as cash offering. Besides, the members  use their talents in the art of making articles like clothing, small furniture items and other useful  goods.  These are blessed at the service and  and put up for auction. 
The Church bears the name St. Saviour, so, the festival of the Holy name of Jesus has become the Patronal Festival on the 7th of August every year. It is popular festival, lots of people participate in this festival.