Does more body weight hamper your intelligence?
That obesity has been  a global public health  problem  in the last one  decade or two  with increasing consumption of fast foods that give better taste than health benefits, is a known fact. The researchers at the university of Toronto, Canada  in their comprehensive  analysis of the effect of obesity on  routine blood tests in a large community of young children  recently has come up with a new interpretation that 'obesity ' in children may hinder correct interpretation of the blood tests. This is based on the study of 1300 children  and teens in the Greater Toronto Area and they say 24 routine  blood tests are affected by obesity including liver function tests, inflammation marks, lipids and iron. (Vide: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism; December, 2019 issue), It is reported 70% of  children are affected by obesity.
Obesity is known to increase the risk factor for both cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.  Some research studies have concluded   that obesity may  be conducive to damage not only the body but also the brain.  Many detailed studies point out that there  is a link between obesity and performance on intelligence tests. Studies  show that obese children and adults have lower intelligence quotients (IQs) than  lean  subjects .  The results imply these findings have been interpreted to suggest that obesity may  impact brain and harm key  regions and functions that support the IQ. “Extreme obesity in tots  is linked to low IQ”  and can  lower  their IQ”. So, it is quite obvious that the casualty is  teens'  ability to think on their own,  study suggests”.  
 The US researchers studied the link between  body fat and intelligence. They have found less muscle more body  may affect how flexible human  thinking gets with age, possibly due to  alterations in parts of  the immune system. The study covering a huge sample of 4000 middle aged  to older UK Biobank participants - both men and women, published in the ''Journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity''. The team studied the measurements of lean  muscle mass, abdominal  fat and subcutaneous  and how they were related to  changes in fluid intelligence over  six years.  The discovered that those in their mid 40s and 50s  with high amount of fat in their mid-section  had worse  fluid intelligence  as they grew older. 

Way back in the past the  research, conducted by French scientists over a period of five years, covering more than 2,200 adults claimed  to have found a link between obesity and a decline in a person's cognitive function (Journal of Neurology, October, 2006). The researcher concluded that people with a Body Mass Index  (BMI)– a measure of body fat – of 20 or less could recall 56 per cent of words in a vocabulary test, while those who were obese, with a BMI of 30 or higher, could remember only 44 per cent.

Scientists say, ''The greater your weight, the lower your IQ''. Obesity causes intellectual decline in the first half of the life course and may persist after that period.

Regular physical exercise is a  good bet  to control weight problem. In the case of women who have less muscle mass than men, resistance training is a must, researchers concluded.  As mush as possible avoid fast food, food loaded with fat. Say no no to carbonated drinks with high sugar content or artificial sweeteners  available on the market. Do nor ever develop sedentary habits. While working take a break every one hour and walk briefly. Between meals, avoid  munching snacks. More importantly eat less at night to avoid adding more calories to your body.
The New Indian Express (Tiruchi Edition) dated: December 19, 2019:: ''More body fat hampers your intelligence''