''Vitthal'' temple, Pandharpur, Maharastra, popular Sri Krishna temple

Main gate, Vitthal's temple, facing the Bhima River. wikipedia

Considered as an important pilgrimage center for the Hindus, Pandharpur in Solapur district of Maharastra  is  on the banks of Bhima river. The major attraction here is  the Vithoba temple and it is said, that   during the major yatra in the month of Ashadh (June–July) more than  half a million Hindu pilgrims  visit this city (also known as  as Pandhari).  ''Vitthal'', "Pandurang" and "Pandharināth" are  other  names of the  presiding deity who is a form of  Lord Krishna, an  incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  Here, his consort is Rakhumai or Rukmini.  The Pandharpur temple, being a big complex, has six gates to get in. The eastern gate is known as the "Namdev Gate".

Panduranga (sri Krishna) and Rukmani. you tube.

This temple is a sanctified place of worship as it was centuries ago visited by great and pious saints of repute like  Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,  Sri Tukaram, Sri Namdev, Sri Eknath, and Sri Muktabai. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu  is said to have spent seven  days  at the Vithobha Temple engaged in meditation and worship. 

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 On Mahadwar ghat there is temple of bhakta (devotee) Pundlik. Legend has it God Vitthal came here to meet his  ardent disciple bhakta Pundlik who was busy serving his elderly  parents that time as part of his daily duty.  He offered brick ( vit) for Vitthal to stand for some time. Since then Vithal has been  standing  and it is said,  28 yuga is gone by  - too long a time to explore.  So, when  Aarati is shown before the deity as part of Puja, pundits mention  " yuge atthavis (28), vithevari ubha. From it, we can infer that this temple is a pretty one -   as old as the main Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir  in Isbavi area of Pandharpur known as Wakhari Va Korti Devalayas and also known as Visava Mandi.

 Most of  the tourists here are Hindu pilgrims as there are  four yatra's  every year. Among them,  the annual Yatra to the famous Vithoba Temple at Pandharpur known  as Pandharpur Wari or Ekadashi and Pandharpur Ashadi Ekadashi Wari, Ashadhi and Karthikai  yatras  are popular and  bring in lots of people from all over Maharashtra and neighboring states. Pilgrims with overwhelming devotion and commitments,  usually undertake barefoot walk covering   hundred of miles  all the way from their hometown to get to the temple.  The purpose is to get blessed by the lord and their wish fulfilled. This shows how much such devout Hindus repose trust in the Almighty - Lord Sri Krishna.

Vihoba (sri Krishna) temple, Maharastra. pinrest.com

and his divine power. After their visit to the temple, having fulfilled their religious undertaking, they get back home with revitalized energy and confidence to face  future challenges.   In Maharastra, this place is referred to as South Khasi.