Wooden Konark Sun temple, Buguda, Odisha - a unique Hindu temple

Do you know there is a second Sun temple in the state of Odisha? Yes, there is one such a temple called Biranchi Narayan Sun Temple in Buguda,  92 km from Chhatrapur town. It is  the abode of Viranchinarayana or the Wooden Konark and the temple is in Ganjam district, Odisha. It is  said to be the second Surya temple  built after the famous Konark Sun Temple. It is often referred to as Wooden Konark.
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It was in 1790, king  Srikara Bhanjadeva renovated the temple  dedicated to Biranchi Narayan or Surya. It is said actually the deity is the union of all three Hindu Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one entity
( ?) . The belief has been that the life has been going on with the operation of three natural processes , namely  Creation (Brahma), Sustenance (Vishnu) and Destruction or Annihilation (Shiva). The images here are believed to have been  recovered from  the ruins at Maltigad. The image also features a chariot driven by seven horses with one wheel on its left side, with Aruṇa as the chariot's driver. A typical depiction of the Sun God.
There is a legend behind this temple: King Srikara Bhanjadeva, once had a dream in which  lord Biranchi Narayan  advised him to visit a wooded  area close to Keshripalli of Ganjam District where his idol was in a state of neglect.  Upon inquiry at the site in Ganjam, a farmer told him blood was oozing out whenever he was polishing his sword on the stone.  The king with the help of the farmer dug out the stone and discovered an idol of the Lord along with  seven horses and a wheel. The King. as  per Sastras. had a temple installed and later a stone idol was put in place, replacing the wooden one. 
The most fascinating artistic feature of this late 18th century temple is its ornate roof. The roof is built with a total of 46 pillars and contains intricate wood designs. .The  shrine within the temple complex has an idol of two armed Lord Surya as the main deity. He is seen  standing on his chariot built on a platform.  The stricking feature is the depiction of  forty-six intricately wooden carved pillars, thirty-two of shorter height and fourteen of taller height pritoviding  support to the roof of the temple. The temple 
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is chiefly built of materials like lime plaster and Khandolite stone. Thus, the rays of the setting sun bathe the presiding deity of the shrine.
Unlike the Konark temple, which faces east direction, the Birachi Narayan Sun Temple faces west direction, indicating the journey of the Sun in the east in the morning and sundown in the evening on the west side. Yet another note worthy feature is  here at the wooden sun temple, the evening sun rays  fall on Surya's feet (?). But in the case of  Konark temple  sun rays of the rising sun shine on the idol  of Surya. 
The major temple festivals are Makar Sankranti, Sambadasami, Magha Saptami, Ramnavami and Janmashtami and on those festive days,  large number of people come here for prayer.