Colonial Govt. Guest House of Mysuru - to have a new annex for VVPs and VVIPs

The heritage city Mysurru has lots of stately and colonial buildings of beauty and splendor  that may leave the visitors spell-binding. Part of the reason is be they Mysruru rulers of the Wodiyar family or the English  due importance was given to architecture, aesthetics, and their present and future utility.  Many  of them were built on a large land so that additional construction or expansion   could be possible. Among the  old structures, the Government Guest House in Nazarbad  close to Wellesley Lodge, Mysuru may be worth mentioning. 

Govt. Guest House , Mysuru

Constructed in 1805 after the formation of the princely stat of Mysore,  the Government Guest House served  as the official  residence of  the British representative in the Mysore kingdom. His job was to maintain the link with the new state  adminitrators with the English company, besides keeping a watchful eyes on the young ruler and his staff. 

Govt. Guest House, Mysuru,

Since the building  happened to be  a representative office of the Presidency of Madras, it was built with  elements of European architecture  that was distinctly colonial.  A Tuscan Doric style structure with big tall columns an odd, but an attractive one in this part.   A regal look was imparted on it with a sort of  triumphal style gateway  with an arch at the  beginning of the front entrance to the ground  and driveway up to the actual building.  The guest house with  well maintained spacious rooms and verandah was set in the middle of 50 acres of greenery  for three obvious reasons: 

01. The green  flowering plants, trees etc., around the building with wide verandah will keep the interiors cool, 

02. Provision for additional building construction and expansion  in the future and 

03. Most importantly the residents can use the vast  green space for perambulation, nice  and casual stroll in the cool evening, etc. 

The ruling class in those days gave much importance to the last one.   It was from  here the senior British officer(s) or governors exercised their  administrative powers and supervised  the kingdom with suspicious eyes being run by the young Rajah, regent and the Diwan.  They  regularly got in touch with the Presidency Governor in Madras and  presented their observations  as part of their official duty. The guest house has fine pieces of  quality furniture of the past era and  rare oil paintings that  highlight the regal   ambience of the simple but stately building.

Govt. Guest House, Mysuru,

In 2018 there was proposal to have a separate  luxurious and attractive accommodation facilities with high security for VIP and VVIPs from the government  who would pay a visit to this place on official work. For example PM or any other higher-ups could be put up in the new guest house. The proposal was sent by the  Mysuru Deputy Commissioner to the State government seeking administrative approval to construct a new annex building adjacent to the Government Guest House at Nazarbad 

Mysuru: If things go as per plan, the city will get a trendy and  highly-secure accommodation facility for the likes of President, Prime Minister to stay when they visit Mysuru and nearby areas.  A proposal has been sent by Mysuru Deputy Commissioner to the State government seeking administrative approval to construct a new annex building adjacent to the Government Guest House at Nazarbad. A govt. official said that there was an urgent  need  of 30 to 40 rooms for the VVIP security personnel to stay with an additional five exclusive VVIP rooms for the special guests to stay. 

The crux of the problem is accommodating VVP  and their security personnel during festival time, etc would be a tough job. The security guards have to be on duty 24 hours..  The proposal included an  additional  guest house  with 50 spacious and classy rooms  on the present Govt. Guest house premises plus three helipads  for their use.