''Diwali'' festival - celebration of light and self-awakening!

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Among the important and indispensable Hindu festivals of India, Diwali (or Deepavali) is the most joyous one being celebrated all across India. This old traditional festival of light illumines our lives, and spreads the message of love, charm and happiness. This festival that is synonymous with well- decorated textile, sweet  shops, etc.,  and jostling people on a shopping spree in the bazaars is known for its grandeur and splendor. It is  a celebration of light held  in the  month of  October – November  on the thirteenth/ fourteenth day in the dark half of the Kartika Masa Diwali.

What is unique about this festival is like many other festivals such as  Shankaranthi or Pongal (Tamil Nadu)  it transcends different cultures and brings the societies and families together closer. Religious traditions, an intrinsic part of cultures and customs, are passed on to the next generation for centuries and, in the process,  many practices or observances  get melted away midway. But, still Hindus celebrate Diwali with pomp in tune with changing society.   Diwali promotes social assimilation, a sense of togetherness, brotherhood and unity in a heterogenous society.

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Why does  Diwali emphasize on light?  Light is one of the Pancha Bothas  that God Shiva represents. In Hinduism, light symbolizes many - purity, divinity and  elimination -  power of the Sun to  dispel darkness.  In any auspicious ceremony we light the oil lamps  and worship fire in the homa gundam (pit) as part of invocation of God. Agni is nothing but a  spark of light and plays  a vital role in various rituals associated with Hinduism; the sacrificial fire during rituals is believed to be  the representative of god. The chanting of Gayathri Mantra is a dive invocation to the god of light to illuminate our mind with positivity and free us from Maya p-illusion, ignorance and delusion.

  Apart  from driving away negativity around us, light brings in hope, prosperity and welfare  to us. Lighting oil lamps in the house or places of worship is part of not only Hinduism, but  also of other religions like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. In Christianity light is associated with wisdom, holiness and god's grace. Lighting Diya - oil lamp is a blissful experience and it  promotes spiritual knowledge or  the inner awakening  which has the power to drive out  darkness and clear all obstacles in life.  Actually, we light up the lamp of happiness, of prosperity and of knowledge and by doing so we get rid of  pangs of pain and sorrow, poverty as well as physical and mental ailment. 

The gist of  moral message of Diwali is life is a continuous journey in search of knowledge, wisdom and peace of mind and to achieve them we must follow the  path  of righteousness and in this respect we  must remain steadfast.