Vaikunda Ekadasi -''Sorgavasal Thirappu Vaibhavam'' took place at many Vishnu temple cross Tamil Nadu

One among the popular festivals of Srivaishnava temples across Tamil Nadu is Vaikunda Ekadasi and the main event is  opening of Heaven’s Gate / paramapada vasal at temples. On that day the gates of the abode of Sri Vishnu are open  in the morning at an auspicious time. This being an auspicious annual event  devotees at various towns and cities  throng Sri Vishnu temples in the early morning to get blessed by the lord emerging from  Sorgavasal and to walk through the gate temporarily set up in some temples. In many historical temples the Sorgavasal gate on the northern side adjacent to the shrine  remains closed  throughout the year and is opened only on the Vaikunda Ekadasi day. Once the event is over again it will be closed till, next year and this tradition has been followed for centuries. Those who worship the lord this day and walk through the Parmapada Vasal  will be blessed with good life and welfare, besides salvation- free from the cycles of birth and death.     

 Lord ‘Namperumal’ emerging thru the Paramapada Vaasal,
Srirangam 2023

At the famous Sri Andal temple, Srivilliputhur  the sorgavasal was opened  at 6:30 am today (January 2) as part of Ekadasi festival  and it was attended by thousands of devotees with devotion.  Chanting of ‘Govinda’ and ‘Gopala’ ranted the  air when Periya Perumal followed by   goddess Sri Andal and Rengamannar (Vishnu) passed through the Paramapada gate in a religious procession.  The idols of Azhar were waiting  outside when Periya perumal emerged first. Pujas began in the early morning and both Periya Perumal and Rangamnnar adorned in Sarva Alangaram gave darshan to devotees.   Here the festivities began on December 23 with Pachai paraputhal and Thaila Koppu urchavam. Pagal pathu event having been over Raa pathu  event begins to day.

Keezhaiyur Ranganatha perumal temple,

Keezhaiyur Ranganatha perumal temple,

At the popular Sri Ranganatha temple, Keezhaiyur near Nagapattinam Vaikunda ekadasi festival and the Soorgavasal thirappu event took place on a grand manner. This poorvanga kshetram also called Keezharangam is more than 1000 year old and the main consort (thayyar) is Ranganayaki. Moolavar: Sri Ranganatha Perumal (Sayana Thirukkolam). Utsavar Perumal--Sri Aayanar

At Thillai Thiruchitrakoodam Sri Govindaraja perumal temple within the famous Thillai Sri Nataraja temple, Chidambaram, sorgavasal thirappu event took place in the early morning 5-30 am. 

Needamangalam Santhna Ramaswamy temple.

Needamangalam Santhna Ramaswamy temple.

At Needamangalam (Thiruvarur District) Santhana Ramaswamy temple  Vaikunda Ekadasi ''paramapada vasal thirappu'' was held with bakthi attended  by a large number of devotees. This temple was built  in 1761 by the Thanjavur Maratha ruler Sri Prathapa Simha. This temple was glorified by one of the popular Carnatic Music trinity - Muthuswami Thikshitar. Childless couples visit this temple to get blessed with a baby.  

''Muthuswami Dikshitar, who propitiated many deities in his majestic songs, also sang the praise of Rama, ‘Satyasandha,’ whose Dharma of life was Truth. While another of Dikshitar’s marvellous composition, ‘Sri Ramam Ravikulabdhi Somam’ in Narayanagowla is a unique piece, no less is the grandeur of his kriti, ‘Santana Ramaswaminam’ in Hindola Vasantam sung in praise of the deity enshrined at Yamunambapuram (Needamangalam), a small town in the present Tiruvarur district. This kriti is special because this is the only piece that gives the crucial link to the existence of this rare temple, where the deity is said to bless childless devotees, who pray here.'' ...

Venkatesa Perumal temple, Thanjavur.

At the historical Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple located in the center of the fort area of Thanjavur on V. P. Kovil street close to Kasukadai street,  paramapada vasal thirappu urchavam was held in the early morning today.   A stream of devotees attended the events held later. Built by the  Maratha ruler   Pratap Singh  of Thanjavur Maratha dynasty in  the 18th century  an interesting fact about this temple is its association with one of the Carnatic music trinity   (Sangeetha Mummoorthikal in Tamil) - composer  Sri  Muthuswami Dikshitar  He wrote many songs on the glory of Sri Vishnu, the prime god of this temple. This is the reason why annually  Carnatic concert - Kutcheri will be held here  during the Tamil month of Aadi to honor him in the Nallukal Mantap right before  Sri Anjenayar shrine.  Countless stalwarts  in Carnatic music including popular singer Yesu Das used to participate  in the concert.  Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Bhajegam in praise of this Lord composed by Dikshitar is quite familiar with  many musicians. A 15-day Music festival beginning on Aadi Ammavasai day is an interesting one. . The concert will be held in the evening.  Here, the main deity is referred o as Malai Yeriya Perumal.  This temple is being managed by the Aranmani (Palace) Devasthanam Trust under the able administration of the Maratha Prince. Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal temple in Maharnonbu chavady also  to celebrated  the Vaikunda Ekadasi festival with traditional fervor. Lots of devotees attended this grand annual event held  in the Maamani temple in Vennatrankarai, the Kaliyuga Venkatesa Perumal temple on South main street, the Kamalavalli Udanurai Appala Renganathar temple at Koviladi near Tirukkattupalli and the Harasabha Vimosana Perumal temple at Kandiyur near Tiruvaiyaru.  

At the following temples Sorgavasal thirappu event took place in the early morning to day with religious fervor:  

 Aranganathar Temple in Kudaivara Temple located at the foot of Namakkal Hill.

Ariyalur Kothandaramasamy Kovil,

Thirumayam Sathyamurthy Perumal Temple, 

Tiruneermalai Ranganathar Perumal Temple,

Salem famous Fort Alagirinathar Swamy Temple,

Thiruvannamalai Narayana Perumal temple

Such as Chennai Tiruvallikeni Parthasarathi Temple,