Allahabad fort first built by Emperor Ashoka finally fell into the English company


Fort of Allahabad  1850




One of the well preserved forts in India, Allaha fort  was first built by emperor Ashoka. In the later years during the mogul period, it was rebuilt and restored by emperor Akbar. Finally, in 1801 the British got the control over it through manipulation and diabolism - the traits that kept them in good stead.

Location Allahabad, UP.

Located on the banks of the River Yamuna, near its confluence with the River Ganga, stands the  massive fort initially built by Ashoka and later rebuilt by Emperor Akbar in 1583 A.D.  In regard to its  design, construction, position of galleries, high watchtowers and craftsmanship., the fort is simply matchless. During the heyday this fort played no less role than other forts in the mogul empire to whom this fort was the main garrison .      

 It is believed to be  the largest fort built by Akbar surrounded by  huge walls that appear to emerge  to rise up from the water on the edge of the big river.   Access to the interior is through  three richly  designed massive gateways with sturdy doors. The slanting entrance is a notable feature in the olden days the defensive team would roll down heavy barrels on the invaders. This would prevent the enemy from approaching closer to the gate. 

The British had their eyes glued on this massive fort for its sturdy construction, connection with the water body and strategic location. The Treaty of Allahabad, signed after the Battle of Buxar by Commander-in-Chief of British India Robert Clive, Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II, and the ruler of Awadh, Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula was a blessing in disguise as as part of it it was  first garrisoned by British East India Company troops in 1765. As part of the  treaty, the British garrison in the fort was to defend and protect Shah Alam who felt the treaty was a dubious one.  and went away to Delhi in 1772. Later the fort  was with the  Nawab of Awadh. In 1801, Nawab Saadat Ali who was financially strapped by the English company finally in order to clear his debt ceded the district of Allahabad to the British who used it as agrand depot for military stores..