Sparkling Ahmedabad Diamond, first bought by 17th CE diamond trader Jean Tavernier for royalty

Ahmedabad Diamond of India origin 

Among the diamonds of India origin, the Ahmedabad diamond is one among them. In terms of clarity, lustre and inclusion of impurities in the  crystal, it is not one of the best in the world. However, it is one among the beautiful diamonds in the world which was first purchased in the city of Ahmedabad in the 17th century by the famous diamond connoisseur Jean Baptiste Tavernier. Over a long period of time, once a big diamond, was reduced to less than 80 ct. 

The Ahmedabad Diamond, a 17th century  diamond named after the city of Ahmedabad is of India origin  was extracted from the famous Kollur open-cast mines (now abandoned) in the Krishna delta of present-day Andhra pradesh.  Weighed originally over 1571/2 carats. It was  cut into a 94.5 carat diamond according to a famous diamond expert and French world traveller  Jean Baptiste Tavernier. 

Edwin Streeter in his book  World famous diamonds referred to the diamond as Ahmedabad diamond bought and cut by Tavernier for his friend  in Ahmedabad. Apparently, it was the first reference ever made by a diamond expert.  In 1676,  having gained more than three decades of experience in diamonds, Tavernier  detailed his studies in his book  "Travels in India." It included descriptions of famous diamonds and rubies he had seen during his travels. His inclusion of relevant  illustration accompanying the prominent  diamonds was of great help to the diamond buyers and sellers. Over a span of 40 year period, he  made six trips to the Asian countries and studied diamond cutting industries and mines in India.

Gemstone expert Frenchman Tavenier

Above image:  The  17th Century trader of precious gems discovered the famous  phenomenal 115 carat blue diamond which later became the French Blue and, ultimately, the Hope Diamond. The passion  for gemstones drove the Frenchman to  far off  mystic lands where no foreigner had gone before. Tavernier’s  daring exploits with single mindedness covered thousands of miles..................

The rare and remarkable  gemstone Ahmedabad diamond, it is said, was one among the well known diamonds in the 17th century and the gem-cutting was done  in Ahmedabad itself. Still today long held diamond cutting traditions continue in the state of Gujarat. Surat city  is a famous diamond center in the world  and the gem cutting done here on small diamonds,etc  is on par with Antwerp of Belgium. Surat diamond cutting experts  also know the difficult technique of turning diamond dusts into sparkling diamonds.

Notwithstanding two minor flaws, Tavernier bought the  beautiful Ahmedabad  diamond for his  ''friend '' who was either  the French sovereign head , Louis XIV of France, to whom he had sold several diamonds, among them two briolettes or  famous collector of gemstones and irrational  Mogul ruler -Emperor Aurangzeb (1659-1707). Both names, particularly the latter may match the description the 'best friend'.

The history of the diamond  with respect to  its ownership is unclear  throughout and  is clouded in mystery.  Later it was owned by the wife of Oued ruler (Oued kingdom was part of UP)  Begum Hazrat Mahal, wife of King Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh. 

After  the unexpected political turmoil of 1857  the British possessed the famous Ahmedabad diamond. In 1995, after a big hiatus the diamond, now further reduced to 78.86 carats resurfaced at Christie's auction held in 1995 and gem collector Robert Mouawad bought the historical diamond of Indian origin  for approximately $ 4.3 million, a whopping sum in those days.