The Queen's Bath of Hampi monuments, Karnataka - a tantalizing 14th CE royal bathing complex!!

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The Queen's Bath, belonging the UNESCO world heritage monument of Hampi, Karnataka  is forlorn and empty now, but in the past it was a beehive of active in the royal women's quarter of the structure.  It is a 30 square meter structure, surrounded by a moat on all sides with  a bridge like structure to reach the pool. It was designed to maintain privacy and prevent access by people from outside when royal women were bathing. The floor of the bath has some empty sockets that were once used to support pillars. These pillars are said  to have been part of a canopy that was destroyed during the Deccan Sultans attack on Hampi in 1565. The canopy, it is believed was  made of wood and is said to have been burnt down during rampage by the Deccani sultanates' army. A lush green garden is laid out in front of the building. and is  used by visitors as a picnic spot.

queen bath, Hampi

Close to the entrance of the Royal Enclosure in Hampi. the Queen's bath, built 500 years ago, is a colossal structure and,  stands as a mark of  architectural grandeur  prevalent during the days of the Vijayanagara Empire. Constructed by Achyuta Raya in a lavish style for the women of the royal family of Vijayanagara, out side the royal enclosure, it was used as the private bathing chamber of the king and his queens though named  as the Queen’s Bath,

Queen bath, Hampi

The Queen’s Bath is an  example of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture  with  a simple exterior and an ornate interior., it was built for a specific purpose. This ornate enclosed space  differs from other private or public baths in Hampi then.

 Rectangular  in plan  the Queen’s Bath covers an area of 30 square metres with a  large sunken bath  the centre of the structure  - 15 square metres and a depth of 1.8 metres. with no ceiling over the bath. There are stone steps leading to the floor of the bath. However, there is no ceiling over the bath and it is open to the sky. The structure is enhanced by the beautiful arched corridors supported pillars and projecting ornate balconies with windows.  Each arched bay surrounding the bath is decorated with intricate carved  Nicely carved Stucco ornamentation in each arched bay surrounding the bath enhance is beauty.

Queen’s Bath, Hampi

Hampi's city water management system was well planned and had has a pre-planned  network of aqueducts and canals. They were  designed  to provide water to the buildings, tanks, baths and temples during that time, The Queen’s Bath was also connected to an aqueduct for fresh water supply, so were the other large baths.

Best time to visit is November-January. The site is opem from 8 am till 6pm.'s_Bath.jpg